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Werribee v Frankston
[b]RESERVES[/b] Werribee 4.2 9.6 14.9 18.16 (124) Frankston 6.5 10.6 16.11 16.13 (109) [b]BEST: Werribee:[/b] Lyons Closter Gleeson Young Furfaro Long [b]Frankston:[/b] Cadd Robertson Beasy McCormack Ongarello Kemperman [b]GOALS:[/b] [b]Werribee: [/b]: Closter 3 Lyons 3 Walsh 2 Long 2 Watts Burlak Stankovic Tiller Furfaro Twomey Richardson Thomas [b]Frankston:[/b] McCormack 5 Beasy 4 Robertson 2 Burns Cadd Matheson Shilton Barrand Yet again Frankston lose because they don't take a full team into a match. They were fantastic, they played some terrific footy, but could manage just two behinds in the last quarter. One player on the bench, who was an injured man and no wonder they ran out of legs. Thats two wins they have handed Werribee this year by going in short on numbers. Surely they only need a couple of bodies on the bench in case of injury or to relieve players for a short time during a game. One more bloke gets injured and they play a man down. Geez maybe they should get their President to put a jumper on and stand in the pocket to at least take an opponent!!! It ruins any integrity we want to have in the reserves competition to see Frankston's approach to it. Anyway, in the part of the match I saw Ongarello was terrific. Werribee had a very good side in and should probably have won by more. Bulldogs Jesse Wells, Stephen Tiller, Tim Walsh and Rowan Nayna played, with other Werribee players who have played a bit of seniors like Furfaro, Closter, Lyons, and Dom Gleeson also in the line up. Full credit to Frankston how gallant they were, but there is only one reason why they lost that match today. [b]SENIORS[/b] Werribee 5.3 8.4 14.8 18.10 (118) Frankston 1.2 6.7 8.7 13.10 (88 ) [b]BEST: Werribee:[/b] Robertson Bandy Podsiadly O'Sullivan Wight Power [b]Frankston: [/b]Hynes Berry Mizzi Murphy Goddard Skehan [b]GOALS: Werribee:[/b] Podsiadly 6 Murphy 4 Rawlings 2 Bandy 2 Robertson Castello Allan O'Sullivan [b]Frankston:[/b] Berry 6 Mizzi 2 Murphy 2 Fortnam Pollard Skehan Went the way most would have expected but Frankston were pretty good, and deserve a shot at the finals. Hynes was super across half back, not sure how many possies but I'd say a lot. Justin Berry chiming in with 6 goals and had the better of his opponents. I'm a big fan of Pollard, who was good when oved forward after half time, so terrific overhead, it's bad luck the injuries haven't helped him but he's a super grab. For Werribee I thought it was fairly even, obviously Podsy with 6 goals was handy and beat three opponents in Ulms, Pollard and Odell. Brad Murphy kicked four goals in a wing/half forward role. Daniel Bandy did his job in the ruck and kicked a couple. Travis Robertson always handy in defence, Hassan was in and out but decent enough at times, same for Jaison Lamb who uses his explosive pace effectively a couple of imes out of the middle late in the game. Good match, decent crowd. Both sides have a good run of home games out of the last three rounds - Frankston don't travel again, while Werribee play Geelong and Coburg at home. That should help both in the run to the finals.
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