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Werribee v Geelong Sat 26th Feb
Teams (as from the teamlists provided and I can't guarantee that they were correct or that all played): Werribee: Miles, Hassan, Closter, Lamb, Williams, McVilly, Burlak, McCormack, Thompson, Harrison, Foss, Henderson, Davidson, Wight, McGuiness, Collins, Street, Murphy, Tiller, Twomey, Thompson, Koops. Geelong: Cheep, Callan, Haynes, Thurley, Garth, Ablett, Blake, Spencer, Chambers, Prismall, Waldron, Rahilly, Buckland, Doolan, Batchelor, Byrne, Vassilou, Sheringham, Torney, Betz, Spence, Byrne, Condy, Thompson, Bett, Graham, Braddock Final Score (if you trust the scoreboard): GEELONG 17.12.114 WERRIBEE 10.5.65 Nathan Ablett very impressive for Geelong. Ended up with at least four goals that I saw and a hand in a couple of others.He can thump the footy a very long way. Cameron Thurley kicked three goals from memory, certainly a lively type of player. A bloke called Vassilou showed a few decent signs, as well as Batchelor. Werribee were fairly disappointing. Most of the damage was done in the 3rd qtr when the cats kicked 8 goals and werribee didnt score. VFL listed Hassan will be a good little player for them as well this year. Bulldogs listed Damien McCormack from last years draft showed a bit as well. Interesting to get back to the footy, my first time this year. Might post more later havent got much time now.
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