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What is sandringham's future?

I see even St Kilda fans are now calling to have their own Reserves side which I think is a distinct possibility and they believe that the the Zebras are holding back the development of THEIR players with their consistent poor form over many seasons which of course is 100% BS! it is St Kilda that is holding Sandringham back.

Lets face facts St Kilda don't really need the Zebras anymore as they can easily run their VFL and VFLW sides out of Moorabbin esp if the AFL keep pumping $25 Million in every year..

So eventually the decision to go as a standalone club could be taken out of the Sandringham Football Club hands for good or bad and then it will be interesting to see if the current board have the balls to go it alone in the VFL or drop back to the Ammos or a local suburban league.

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I was looking back at some of the posts around 2013 Billy. and

Things really haven't improved.  I believe the turning point in the club, was at the time that the President announced that the Zebras were returning to Standalone status.  A lot of players committed to the club only to have the decision reversed and continued to remain in the alignment.  

I recall there was a lot of discontent with the decision and quite a few players walked as a result.

St Kilda have talked about having their own side now for many years, I figure it is still on the cards.  I guess the issue will be whether the length of time being aligned has been so long, that long time supporters may not return to the club.  I think also the nature of the competition is also a negative factor for attracting those supporters back.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.