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The win against the Bullants
A definite improvement over the game against Frankston, however Port still seem to take a little while to getting out of the starters blocks, giving away quite a few free kicks, and 3 goal lead to the Bullants at quarter time. The Borough fought back trailing by just 2 points at half-time, and then really went on to post a pretty decisive win in the end. Urch - A better game for than the one against Frankston, copped a knock but played the game out. Seems to me that he is the kind of player that could make the step to AFL. The sort of player that if he's chucked in the deep-end will come out on top. A couple of little disposal things he needs to get out of his game. LeCras - Seemed to have a little more run out of the backline and was good. Bruno was praised for his efforts after getting a bit of critisism at 1/4 time. Responded well. Rudd - I think Josh Rudd played almost the entire game on the ground. Didn't get a lot of the ball himself and played close to his opponent... Got better as the game went on. Schwarze - Terrific game. took some strong marks too and has cemented his spot in the side. Trotter - Another decent game for Trotter.. wasn't a stand out, but is probably getting close to a game with North Watson - Relatively quiet day for Ash .. Was ok Robbins - Did some good work in the middle of the ground. Alexander - Played on a wing, had a fair bit of the ball. Pitt - Took a couple of strong grabs and kicked 2 goals, copped a nasty knock to the schnoz in the second quarter (spelling? :) Chad Jones - Best game to date. Starting to look like a real CHF now.. leading strongly and taking some good contested marks. A couple of kicks lacked a bit of penetration, but was very happy with his game. Harding - Had heaps of the ball, but let himself down with poor disposal, kicked a bag of behinds. Cotchett - Had a few touches and kicked a nice goal Rocca - Kicked 2 goals, and spent a fair bit of time in the ruck and around the ground.. Gieschen - Very good game, had a ton of the ball, and has been a good get for Port so far. spent time on the wing and in the centre square. McIntosh - Not sure quite what, but somethings definitely wrong with "H", either he is carrying an injury (the ankle from the Box Hill game in Rd1?) or has some kind of fitness problem because he is beginning to worry me with his efforts.. is a long way from the form he was showing in parts of 2003. When he was rested in the forward line, he was outmarked, and made some pretty ordinary attempts to contest the ball. I've mentioned it in another post, but Tim Ryan would be close to getting a call up for his spot. I don't he needs to play in the two's, but maybe a weeks rest is all he needs if it is a niggling injury. Hoping to see Hamish back and firing soon, because he is an important player in Ports line-up. Lawrence - A solid game for Steve who ran hard all day and used the ball well when he had it. Hasn't dominated a game, but has had a good physicality and disposal are first rate. J.Clayton - BoG imo... Saw Carlos on Bigfooty didn't think he had much of a day. Couldn't agree there. Pretty much gathered the ball at will, gave himself time to get round players (which he does so easily in the VFL) and set up play down the field. Copped a fair bit of attention from some of the Bullants players, and took mark of the day running back with the flight of a high ball, taking a heavy but fair knock in a contest with the player running towards him, but still came down with the mark. Obst - Was his ususal dependable self. Gave a lot of run out of the backline. S.Clayton - Thought he played a pretty good game, but can't remember any particular stand-outs, did some good team-oriented stuff putting on a shepard and himself getting quite a few disposals on the western wing. S.Harvey - This guy oozes class, and when he gets the ball can really make the opposition pay. He kicked 3 goals. The only problem is he seems to let himself down with some really poor defensive work. If he put more pressure on his opposition, he would be up with Jezza for a spot with North. I can't see him getting a game with them until he starts to work on that side of his game. Aloi - First game back. Didnt spend a lot of time on the ground. played out of the forward line and kicked a nice left foot goal. Gill - Should never have been out of the side. Had an instant impact when coming onto the ground. Tooks some good marks, and set up a couple of goals. His second and third efforts were great. In the twos, Roos players Joel Perry and played in the Kris Shore also played .. Shore was praised by Saade Ghazi at 3/4 time and Perry was listed amongst the best. Shooter was very good around the ground and finished with 3 goals. Nick Thomas and Adrian Newman both kicked 4. Very much looking forward to this weeks game against Werribee.
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