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Worst footy day experience

I'd like to hear stories of a bad footy experience, mine is below

I had the misfortune  to attend Richmond v Williamstown at the Punt Road Oval on Saturday. It was my worst experience of a footy game

The day was a wet and miserable midwinter day. The footy standard was awful. But what detracted from the  day  was the facilities at Punt Rd. The grandstand was closed, (the security bloke told me because of safety concerns). There was no seating or shelter, so we stood up all day in the drizzle. (Mrs Blackrocker was not happy).  The patrons were not permitted onto the ground during the breaks for fear of damaging the surface. The portable toilets needed a clean. The traffic noise from Brunton Ave and Punt Rd and the trains all added to a bad day.

Punt road oval may be a  suitable training ground but the facilities for patrons are not an acceptable standard for VFL games.

My recommendation is don’t go to Punt Road Oval until some seating and  shelter and non-portable toilets are there