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The best of 2005?
Was thinking the other day that we didnt get a thread to really close up the 2005 season, so before the flood of stuff starts on 2006 I was wondering if we should have a shot at listing the best: Match? Goal? Mark? Individual performance? Any other point worth listing....
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[b]Match? [/b] State game vs SA...awesome footy. Otherwise it had to be Northern Bullants v Werribee when the Bees came home and snatched victory remarkably in the last qtr [b] Goal? [/b] Will have to think about that. [b]Mark? [/b]Jackson Barling in the VFL 2s Grand Final, never seen anyone go with the flight of the ball that fast. Brilliant mark. Sal Hassan not far away in the state game with his mark. [b]Individual performance? [/b] James Podsiadly against Box Hill perhaps, what was it 8 goals and had some time in defence, and was one of the main reasons Werribee had a win.
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[b]Match [/b] Would agree with the State game, but closely followed by the Bullant / Frankston Draw. [b]Goal[/b] Nope, they're all special :? [b]Mark[/b] Mathew Skeehan in Tassie in the fina l(even though the maggot didn't pay it!!) [b]Individual performance[/b] Justin Berry's 5 in a quarter at Frankstyon Park v Tassie.
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Match The Grand Final of course!...and beating Frankston particularly at Frankston is always a real buzz...lovely to silence the mob on moron hill Mark..can't recall an absolute screamer Goal....Shannon Motlop in the GF....straight after a zebra goal the ball was bounced and Motlop weaved his way through 4-5 Werribee players and then kicked a goal....2 goals in 30 seconds.....AWESOME

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