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Port Melbourne season 2022 player movements

Its that time of year again,  Port Melbourne player movements thread promises to have plenty of activity as a big overhaul is both expected and fair to say much needed. For me the area of concern that needs the most attention is our forward line, season 2021 saw us being very competitive in our inside 50 count in  nearly all games but our inability to maximise those opportunities highlighted a obvious weakness. We obviously missed Jordan Lisle and Patrick Kerr its fair to say didn't step up to the plate, ad to that Signorello didn't perform to his high pre season standard. I thought Jake Gaspar after showing moments of brilliance in 2019 would be nice and ripe now but it wasn't to be. A obvious deficiency. 

As well as the forward line I think it crucial to acquire a couple of key backmen, and a ruckman (has been a ongoing issue at Port), we got killed in the ruck this season. 

Rumour has it that Lentini could be at Port next year, a great player and will be a welcome addition. My feeling would be though from losing two key personnel recently that the club is not in a position to spend big therefore ild be suprised if we can get several high quality signings, this is just my feeling, im not in the know and could be way off, for all I know finances could be strong but I think Digs is right on this one, it appears times are tough ( see Digs I do agree with you sometime albeit not very often) !!

Looking forward to seeing who we can attract, interesting times ahead.