From Frankston Hastings Leader
Reported by Simon McEvoy

MICHAEL Hibberd last season went to war with the Dolphins but on Sunday he was the enemy, as part of the Bendigo Bombers team.

It must have been a strange feeling battling against his mates, but this is the modern game -– and popular ‘‘ Hibbo’’ is chasing his dream.

Playing his first game of the season after a quad strain, Hibberd was among the Bendigo Bombers’ best players in their 52-point win over Frankston in VFL round three.

He played off half back against a range of opponents, capping a bright return with a running goal. Essendon selectors would have taken note. The Bombers line-up sparkled with AFL stars, including David Hille, Alwyn Davey and Ricky Dyson.

Frankston was given little hope but chose to roll their sleeves up and have a red-hot go. And for three quarters the Dolphins made the Bombers work.

Frankston coach Simon Goosey commented after the game: ‘‘We virtually played Essendon today.’’
He praised his players for their first three quarters, but was disappointed with their last 30 minutes.

‘‘I was pretty happy with our application and how we went about it in the first three quarters,’’ he said.

‘‘But in the last quarter it was really s...’’

Frankston’s best player was Mark Baguley, who outpointed exDolphin Tory Dickson. Daniel Campisano and Warwick Miller again impressed down back, while Luke Potts, Chris Doria and Paul Kennedy got plenty of touches. The Dolphins have a bye this weekend before tackling Casey Scorpions, who could have Brendan Fevola at full-forward, in a televised match on Saturday, April 30.

Bendigo Bombers 6.6, 10.12, 12.22, 17.29 (131) d Frankston 3.2, 8.3, 10.5, 12.7 (79).

Goals: Bombers: Steinberg 3 Hille 2 Neagle 2 Little 2 Williams 2 Duscher 2 Dickson Colyer Hibberd Reimers. Frankston: Clark 3 McCallum 2 Crowe 2 Clements Boland Proctor Doria Marusic.
Best: Bombers: Dyson Quinn Hibberd Duscher Reimers Slattery. Frankston: Baguley Campisano Doria Gabriel Miller Clark.

Reserves: Werribee Tigers 6.7 11.10 19.14 23.18 (156) Frankston 1.1 3.4 3.4 4.4 (28)
Goals: Werribee Tigers: Prismall 4 Perkins 4 Lunardi 3 Harrison 3 McCormack 3 Mather 2 Davis Sajker Ruggles Paliouras
Frankston: Baker Uzarevic Bywater Stratton

Best: Werribee Tigers: Harrison Schroder Lunardi Ruggles Saker Prismall. Frankston: Beech Wells McGrath Greeley Bitters Uzarevic