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Great 4 quarter effort by the Dolphins. Their first 6 minutes of the game was electric, brilliant link up football, as good as any football Ive seen in the VFL this year. For the first time they looked like a football team and not like a rudderless ship. Their structure looked to fall away in the second half but not the effort. And for the first time in many years they had effective key position players at both ends of the ground.

Tatupu gave them a great target at full forward and looked dangerous all day, and moving Miller to CHB was genius. Took some good intercept marks and cut off many Sandy attacks. Kudos to the Dolphins coach, great move. Goy Lok played his best game so far for Frankston. He was brilliant all day and really eyectaching. Highly skilled on both sides of his body, looks like an AFL player in the making if he can keep playing at that standard.

One thing they have to work on is giving away free kicks. Didnt see stats, but the number of careless free kicks they gave away was staggering  - and it cost them.

Sandy were pretty good, they gave 100% all day and that little bit more class got them over the line. Probably should have one by a bit more except for some poor kicking at goal.

Have to agree with Robbo, that ground is terrible for spectators. Nowhere to sit, no shelter and $10 a can! I bought a 'homemade' pie for $7.50 and it tasted like flour! At least it was free to get in.


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$10 a can. Absolute DISGRACE from the worst football club in Australia that has won one senior flag in 146 years.

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Linton street was always a bastard of a place to play footy & it looks like nothing has changed.

What on earth would possess the VFL to play games there when the facilities are not up to standard ??

Makes a mockery of trying to promote the image & conditions to the supporters.

VFL should be made to justify some sort of exlanation.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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How is the report by James Mottershead. What as load of CRAP.
It is all how good Sandringham were to win. Did he know that Sandringham were as short as $1.01 and the dolphins were expected to get crushed as rank outsiders. Did he report on anything in regards to the dolphins huge improvement to nearly cause a massive upset. Did he report on the disgraceful St Kilda FC selling beer cans for $10. Was he actually there ???

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  Retail a slab is just under $50, 24 x $10 =$240.. Who pocketed the profits ?

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Most expensive can ever. It would want to taste good. Bet they were warm cans !!!

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Great to see the dolphins showing some signs Bearsman. Hope they can continue to improve.
Watched a replay of their game against Coburg the other week. Looked ok in small doses but struggled with disposals and did not seem to have any structure. Coburg played well on the other hand and I was not surprised they went close to beating Port. Ideal world would be top see Port, Williamstown, Coburg, Frankston and Werribee all the five old VFA clubs all completive in the majority of their games. Port and Williamstown are always up there and in the thick of things at the pointy end of the season. Werribee looks like they have improved on last year and I have no doubt they will be finals and beyond. Not sure how far they will go they have plenty to look forward to. Coburg will keep getting better and they are a much better team than last season. It is great to see the dolphins play well yesterday. Hopefully it will be a start of gradual improvement. Williamstown were terrible yesterday. Very inept. The week before the seagulls played well against the dogs. Not much difference between Richmond and Footscray I thought. Put it down to a shocker and knowing Andy Collins he will be hell-bent on redemption on the field. where the seagulls work harder and play to the level they can. Ryan Garthwaite won't be playing too many games at VFL level as I reckon he should be a regular with Richmond replacing Rance in the backline. Not to his level but will be handy at AFL level.


Surely the ACCC should get involved in this blatant,disgraceful price gouging,$10 a can,still what else would you expect from St.Kilda the club who paid their creditors 10c in the dollar to stay afloat.

Two stinking points,what a bastard!

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St Kilda has won only one flag in 146 years and that was by one point. St Kilda would be the worst club in the world.
Any sport any where. What other sporting club has only won 1 senior flag (don't count night premierships, reserves or under 19s) in 146 years ??? To sell cans for $10 that is the pits !!!
Bring back Moorabbin FC. the old VFA club on their own original club.