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After Round 17


Congrats to Tom Gribble 


Final Leaderboard 


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Congrats Tom. Well deserved winner. Glad the winner came from a VFA club.

Thought Eli Templeton and Josh Newman would have polled better, and cant believe Will Fordham missed the Team of the Year. Finished in 12th place in the Liston with 11 votes, and finished 8th in total disposals this year. Had a stellar season. Very stiff to miss out.

Congrats Jake Riccardi. Its gone unnoticed that he also finished second in the goal kicking this year with 38 goals (Lisle 44). Certainty to be drafted.


Great year for the Werribee football club.

Dont think that Coach of the year should come from a fully professional club !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green