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Waiting for the outcome of the player payments !

Doesn't help when the president of the AFLPA is the games highest paid player !

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


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The same person led the charge to have their (the player's) EBA based on a percentage of the game's (AFL) income, so when that income shrinks to 3/5th of SFA then they are gonna have to suck it up, the gravy train has come to a shuddering halt for the pampered prima-donnas, welcome to reality

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Another good read on the Footy Almanac about the world we suddenly find ourselves in

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digs, latest update from Rupert's rag ....

The AFL season could be cancelled and all 850 players stood down if they refuse to accept the league’s demand for an immediate 80 per cent pay cut, Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett warned last night.

Players are holding firm to their offer of a 50 per cent wages reduction until the fate of the 2020 season becomes clearer.

A tentative restart date has been set for May 31.

Talks between AFL boss Gillon McLachlan and AFL Players’ Association boss Paul Marsh failed to resolve the standoff today.

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“I understand their concern but this is about survival between now and when the competition starts again,” Kennett, a member of the AFL’s emergency “war cabinet”, told the Herald Sun.

“And if an impasse cannot be resolved one of the alternatives is the players don’t get paid at all until, and if, the season opens again.

“If they don’t understand the urgency of this situation and the fact that clubs and the AFL have laid off and stood down hundreds of people, you’ve got to ask yourself why they should be treated any differently.

“If the players don’t realise the seriousness of this and take what has been offered, they run the very real risk that the AFL and the clubs will have no alternative but to declare the season over.




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“They would receive no money and if the season reignited later on then we would invite back those who want to play under a whole lot of new conditions.

“No-one is trying to mislead or gain here. We are simply trying to survive and there are others codes who won’t survive.”

While seen as a last-resort nuclear option, the AFL has the power to stand down all players without pay if a resolution cannot be reached.

McLachlan, who has volunteered a 20 per cent pay cut from his own multi-million-dollar salary, wants the game’s players to take an 80 per cent pay cut for the next seven months.

The league argues the players have been paid in full for the past five months and that their offer accounts for a pay cut of just 35 per cent across a 12-month period.

The AFL is frustrated at the players’ position, maintaining that they do not appreciate the seriousness of the game’s financial situation.



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But all players have been told to stay in training and be ready to go for a resumption.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire urged the decision makers not to “screw the players”.

“This is not a union dispute,” McGuire told Triple M.

“This is not people trying to get into it and claim a scalp.

“The situation is that the players have received money for this half of the year, because that was fair enough, everyone’s getting paid.

“It’s the next part of the journey that we have to get through until we actually start playing games again and we can get some money coming in

“The Channel 7 money, the Foxtel money, stopped this week. It’s finished, it’s all over.

“There’s no gate receipts, the AFL is cutting through its costs, all the clubs are cutting through their costs, and we have to come to an elegant situation here.

“If there’s no money, there’s no money.

“We need to not screw the players at the same time. These are the centrepiece of our game, they’re wonderful people, they’re great young men, and we have to do the right thing.”


Absolutely NO sympathy for the AFL or it's players. They have been on a joy ride for far too long. Reminds me of the old saying "The bigger they are the harder they fall".

The way things are going the AFLPA will shoot itself in the foot with their greedy unrealistic demands. If that happens some players might have to get a real job to keep up their extravagant life styles. If they don't want to play .. well  don't play  I'm sure there would be hundreds of young players who only too happy to get a couple of  hundred thousand dollars a year just to kick a footy.

It would take a long long time to get that sort of money with a shovel !


We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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its not often that i agree with 'the ugly woman from The Age', as Ricky Nixon once called her, but this time she's on the money, so to speak

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If the greedy players want to fleece every cent out of the clubs this will force clubs to fold which will mean less clubs and less players and LESS MONEY. For those greedy ones could be the last pay they ever get.
Chris Scott on the other hand sacrificed his years wage. Good on you Chris. No guarantee whatsoever that there will be any footy in 2020. These players have played one game what do they expect ?? They are kidding themselves. There is thousands of people doing it tough all over the country and these clowns want to grab every cent they can. They are a disgrace.


In the latest news Carlton have sacked Josh Fraser. The Nth Blues GM also gone. The immediate future of Northern Blues in serious doubt.


Northern Blues alignment over Robbo,the