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Welcome back AJ. What if those NAB matches were played as a replacement to the development league and the VFL clubs had access to those players throughout the season, vfl clubs to retain their names, jumpers, home ground - basically their identity. 

I cant see any VFL clubs giving up their identity especially Frankston who was the only club who had the courage to go at it alone and not align themselves with another club, essentially making them the most genuine stand alone of all. 

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up



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Knob I mean nab who cares ? The only thing I care is for the vfa clubs to play, exist and all be healthy. Hope we also get some local footy happening soon. It is approaching winter very soon. Even a mid July start and a shortened season would do. For the afl clowns to have a fake crowd that would be the pits. Will be a huge turnoff !!!! Master chef, my kitchen stinks and all the other reality garbage I would throw the afl in there if they dare have the fake crowd. Hard enough to watch with no crowd.

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Wonder if the AFL circus is ever going to make a decision on the VFL for this year? NRL up and running, SANFL, WAFL NAB leagues all a go. 

Gilligan is dragging the chain on this....

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It's now got to the point that it will be extremely difficult to get a start. 



I think it will depend how deep they can go into October and with only eight teams a final four would be enough..

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Would love to see  Aussie Rules footy run by Peter V'Landys. The best sports administrator in Australia by the length of the Flemington straight! Hopefully the AFL Commissioners will poach him from NSW and get rid of the current dead wood running the show. Im sure he'd see the value of the second, third and fourth tiers  of  Aussie Rules footy as pathways and feeder comps to the Elite level and support them . The current administration seem to have forgotten about everything except the top tier AFL.


Sorry Bearsman V'Landys is your typical bogan Sydney BS artist who believes his own bullshit.All bluster and threats.

He would last about 5 minutes in Melbourne if he tried to blackmail the State government!

If he is so great how come the Thugby has taken a huge hit to their TV deals with Ch 9 and Foxtel? I wonder how long the RL clubs will put up with him running rough shod over them for his own ego.

The only reason he has gotten away with being a dictator is because the RL andits clubs were basically broke!They still owe CH 9 and Foxtel News Corp about $90million in loans.

You can say what you like about the AFL but it is way better managed from the Commission down than the RL ever was.

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Billy I agree that the NRL has been badly managed previously, but its hardly V'Landys doing. He was only appointed to the ARL Commission in 2018, and only took on the CEO role when the Pandemic hit and Greenberg stood down as CEO after a vote of no confidence so I dont know why you are blaming him.

His work has been in the Racing Industry,starting in Harness racing in 1988 and getting the industry on its feet financially by starting commercial businesses and income streams which produced  the most income of any racing club in Australia.He also negotiated the privitasation of the NSW TAB and dragged the whole racing industry out of the financial gutter.

When the Equine Influenza hit racing in 2007 it was V'landys who negotiated a $200 million loan that saved the industry,then he set up a fund to stop the industry particiapants  going broke by helping with their morgages and generally keep peoples heads above water financially.

.In 2008 when the World Youth Day took over Randwick Racecourse for one day, he negotiated $40 million in compensation from the Govt.

It was V'landys idea to get payment of taxes from Corporate bookies for the use of their product which has earned the racing industry over a billion dollars in the last 10 years.

He was also awarded the Order of Australia for his services to the racing industry.

Hes brash, hes a dictator and he gets the job done and hes just getting started in the NRL.  If he chooses to stay in the CEO job rugby will flourish.I'd have him anyday running football here. 

McLaughlan and Hocking are lightweights compared to this bloke. Whats their claim to fame? Letting grassroots footy die and getting pies 10 cents cheaper at the footy...


I know sfa about rugby,can't stand it but he's stuck it up those toorak toffs at the vrc,5 years ago Sydney racing was stuffed and look at it now,all those innovations down to him,certainly gets things done.Dont think he'd ever be lured down here though,seems to harbour a real hatred of Victorians


As I said he is a typical Sydney egotistical  bogan bs artist forever blackmailing or bullying governments for hand outs

Both the TV providers played him on a break by having their newspapers boost his ego but THEY got what they wanted not him - so much for being great!

I wonder who he will whinge to now that the other Sydney BS artist Alan Jones is not on radio anymore?

Even a lot of RL people dont trust him and expect that he wont stay with RL for the long haul!

Im 100% a Victorian and I dont like fools like him putting crap on my State or our great game!