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Tomorrow is June 1

essentially the clubs could start training but we continue to wait on AFL to make a decision on the season 

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Thats the way Billy - hate those Sydney siders with a passion lol. Sure the NRL got less than they wanted but we dont know how much less yet. I hope the AFL is taking note as the same will be happening to them - the landscape has changed with the TV stations not paying as much for the rights to sports across the board. The Cricket lost 52 million, and the A League are down 70%. 

Even though there is less money V'Landys has pledged more money going  into grass roots rugby, which we desperately need here but has been very neglected. McGilligan has decimated all levels of footy except the AFL and wont help them and has no plan to do so. We all know how bad the VFL is going now compared to 2014 when he took over, and suburban and country footy has the arse out of its pants and are struggling to survive. Meanwhile the AFL continues to pour squillions of dollars into losers Carlton, St Kilda, Gold Coast Suns and trying to make footy an international game despite it only being popular in 4 states of Australia.

Sorry, but I would prefer someone like V'Landys despite his methods, to the elitist, short sighted, blundering administration in charge now.

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Brisbane are pushing to be included in an expanded VFL competition from 2021 as a cloud hangs over the future of the NEAFL.
Gold Coast, GWS Giants and the Sydney Swans have played alongside Brisbane in the combined New South Wales and Queensland second-tier competition since 2011 but northern clubs are searching for alternatives with the competition not expected to return next year.
Brisbane chief executive Greg Swann confirmed the club was “pushing” to be included in the VFL or some form of AFL reserves league in 2021.
"At the moment, the NEAFL doesn't look like it's going to come back," Swann told Fox Footy Live on Saturday.
"All the northern state clubs need somewhere to play so we've been pushing to perhaps join with the VFL, or an AFL reserves, or an eastern-seaboard AFL reserves.
"If 10 teams in Melbourne run a comp then us four would probably join it, or that's what we've been pushing to do."
Swann said the Lions would be prepared to be flexible to save costs of running any form of reserves matches into the future.
"There is a comp, but it's more about getting games into the players who aren't playing," Swann said.
"If we had to play the Suns four times to reduce costs, and GWS played Sydney four times, then no one has a real problem with that."

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Peter V'Landys has done a terrific job and although he seems pushy he gets things done.
He is head and shoulders above McGilligan who only cares about his wallet and AFL.
The local footy including the VFL would love to see the likes of Peter V'Landys in charge.


When is EDDIE going to rule the world. We all await !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


The best football administrator in my opinion was longtime VFA president Alex Gillion who steered the Association through its golden era from the 1960s to the mid 1980s.

He was with VFA Sec Fred Hill the instigator of 16 a side which is still the best,Sunday Football which was hard fought with many councils saying no for a long time that saved the VFA, CH O /10 TV and two divisions..

Once he was defeated after 23 years at the helm the VFA was on the long slide down hill and started sucking up to the VFL/AFL and we know how that has ended up!

Imagine having to fight against the might of the VFL at all times?

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Alec Gillon was well and truly a VFA man.


He was a very smart cookie and a very upstanding and classy person.Iknew him to speak to.

After his VFA stint he was appointed admistrator of the failed Richmond and Sunshine Councils by the State Government as he had experience as Mayor of Brunswick council.

He ran those cities very well and got them back in the black!

 He actually said at one of his last VFA meetings when some of the VFA clubs Port and Sandy included  were thinking of joining the VFL reserves ( how ironic eh?) that he would rather die fighting on his feet than begging on his knees! How right he was.


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Wish there was an Alec Gillon around today to help the remaining VFA clubs.