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Mega,i'll pay you the best surface but that's where it ends i'm afraid,Willys upstairs with 360' view has no peer,followed by Frankston, Sandy,Box Hill then Port and Casey dead heat for 5th

If anyone thinks their ground is colder than Willy then theyve got rocks in their head

Ground capacity is the interesting one,i'm unsure how to rank them,maybe Coburg would have held the most before the alterations.

In short the only reason Port gets the nod at finals time is because of its super convenient location!










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Can't agree that North Port has better viewing than Frankston Park. With the ground being so skinny, you are right on top of the action whichever side of the ground you are on, makes for great viewing and also entertaining player-crowd interaction.

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For me Skybus Stadium and Sandy are the best. Easily the worst is Casey Fields. If we ever get invaded or when the Chinese take over Victoria because of Comrade Dans BRI  deal, we might be able to get a petition up to get them to blow it up.

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Coburg's City Oval is pretty good for a VFA ground esp when they fix the Grandstand up.It has the best terracing of any VFA ground.

North got 21,626 to a match against Collingwood when they played one season there in 1965.

Most of their other matches at City Oval averaged about 12,000.They went back to Arden St the next season.

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A packed Coburg City with anything over 10,000 would be great atmosphere and viewing.
Never seen any vision of North Melbourne games from Coburg from 1965 although there is a few seconds you can see a bit of the ground in the Norm Smith sacking doco.

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Common knowledge eh Mega !!. Only by Port supporters.

Isn't it time that Port followers realised that the oval is a dump. The only award that it wins is the most DANGEROUS, For all the occ health & safety reasons it should be closed down & whilst i'm at it high time that all at Port stopped the paranoria at all things Williamstown. 



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Digs Port have always been paraniod/hated Williamstown esp after they lost three GFs in a row 1954,55,56 in Willys golden era of 5 out of six premierships!

The strange thing about the 1957 season flag won by  Moorabbin was Williamstown had won every one of the 20 H & A matches but lost the second semi and PF to go out in straight sets!

My other memory of 1957 is Sandrinham played Wiliiamstown at WCG and Williamstown had half their best players away for a VFA interstate match and half way through the last quarter it looked like Sandy who finished 8th that season would win but alas even with half a side Willy got up by ten points.

Port got to within 2 points in one of the early season VFA night games at the Lake Oval with a crowd of 10,000 which in those days was very good for a H&A match.Played at Port or Williamstown it would have had maybe had 4 - 5000.

Incidentally I was at all those matches as my father would go to other interesting VFA matches that Sandrinham were not involved with and he usually took me with him..

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The biggest crowd at City Oval for a VFA match was 21,000 Coburg vWilliamstown Round 9 1945 The Preston and Brunswick and Northcote matches against Coburg always drew good crowds up to 15,000

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Digs common now your being alarmist. John Mcenroe would say YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS !!!! Ports ground should be clossed down ??? After having football played there for well over a century suddenly the ground should be closed down ? The only dangerous ground in the comp was beep your horn stadium Ballarat. I remember due to wayward and poor kicking from Ballarat a helpless girl had her windows on her car broken, a near miss that was close to resulting in a serious injury. The only danger at Port is the danger to opposition moral as they leave the ground with bruised egos and bodies after trying to match it with Port.

Back to why Port has the best set up. Other than best viewing area (Norm Goss Stand etc), ground capacity and other already mentioned points, Port has its own gym- im not sure how many other VFL clubs also do and a second area for functions, some clubs barely have one !! With milliions already allocated to the ground for future improvements it will just make the best, better ! 

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I think you will find MegaA the the Beach Road Oval has most of the facilities that North Port has including a gym and a much bigger and better Social Club and way better playing surface - without a bastard cricket pitch!

The one glaring thing that Sandys oval lacks is an Electronic Scoreboard.