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Statement from Frankston FC to their members



Not sure what to make of it ?

I think that this is a band aid approach to what was a basket case as far as a realistic competition is concerned.

I guess somethig was needed to reinvigorate the comp so it will be interested to see how it goes.

The cost to run it will be huge & the AFL will want it to be competitive.

Dont think too many supporters will be able to attend games interstate as the airfares will not be same as they were in the past..

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Confirmation that Southport Sharks will join the competition 

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Southport sharks have money to burn. They would leave almost all AFL clubs for dead when it comes down to cash.
In fact they were the richest aussie rules club in Australia. Probably still are ?
If the season goes for 18 rounds that means the VFL teams will be travelling for at least 5 of those weeks maybe more if more of the sides like Apsley and Canberra demons go ahead. Pretty expensive to say the least. I hope McGillgan and his mates can cough up !!!

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I'll stick to the name VFA thanks.

The AFL teams reserves players would be most likely playing the odd scratch matches throughout the season. They can't afford to have a reserves AFL comp therefore Box Hill, Casey and Sandringham will have to be stand alone status which would be great.
Box Hill should revert to the Mustangs, Casey to the scorpions as forget about Melbourne.

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The old VFA teams will be too good for the NEAFL teams. Even the swans, lions, gold coast and Great Waste of Space GWS won't find things easy.

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Well it's a fair bet that the current aligned and standalone clubs had some input into this. I can't imagine them having agreed to it without some guarantees from the AFL regarding costs. The vibe from the Victorian clubs sounds optimistic, so you'd have to think that they're confident. If it's going to mean I get to see the Dolphins on the park for a long time to come, frankly I don't care who we play against. Anything's better than the oblivion I thought was coming.

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One game I will try to get to is when the dolphins play GWS. The Frankston hill will be in full voice that day. Plenty of entertainment LOL. As long as the old VFA clubs have got a comp to play in that's the main thing. Would love to see Preston Bullants come back as well wearing the red and white jumper. Think they are a fair chance of returning reading between the lines.

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So we are looking at potentially two dozen teams in this competition. I wonder if it will be broken up into 'conferences' where you play the teams in yours twice and the teams in the other half once.. 

Or going back to two divisions perhaps? 

Or just play every team once (makes the most sense to me).



* It's time to restore the VFA name.