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Piss poor by Sandringham to sell out to the there any chance of that alignment ending so we can take Sandy back into the fold?


It dosen't look like it any time soon and with an ex AFL player Marcus Ashcroft who had no connection the the Sandringham football club in the past as CEO dosent help.Bottom 6 is my prediction this year and Sandringham Saints next year!

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I pray you're wrong Billy.....hate the idea of a club with Sandy's history being absorbed like that. 


3 Quarter Time

Richmond 10-14(74)

Sandringham 3-9(27)

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I am starting to regret I renewed my St  Parasite  seconds membership


It happened to Box Hill,Springvale and Preston {who have had the guts come back as a standalone club so it can be done} and the way things are going St Kilda it will happen at Sandringhan sooner rather than later!

Maybe the lowlife St Kilda F C the most unsuccesful club in VFL/AFL history should start paying back the $20 MILLION they are in the ++++ to the AFL first?


Final Score

Richmond 13-17(95)

Sandringham 7-13(55)

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Six VFA clubs port, Willy, coburg, werribee, frankston and Preston. Good luck to all and hope for a successful on and off the field in 2021 for the six VFA  clubs. Stkilda seconds yuk !! Sandringham zebras piss st Kilda off and join the other vfa clubs to make it seven !!!!!!! If Preston can do it so can you.


Just wanted to mention that I went and got the VFL app on my tablet. There were live scores and stats for the Richmond v Sandringham game. It was very impressive and I look forward to cheering on the Mighty Burgers tonight.

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What time does the stream start tonight Frankston Vs Coburg