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The Swans game on Saturday is their first in the VFA since losing the playoff game for the premiership to Collingwood on the 3/10/1896.


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Live - Frankston v Coburg 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


Quarter Time

Frankston 2-1(13)

Coburg 4-5(29)


Half Time

Frankston 10-3(63)

Coburg 6-6(42)


3 Quarter Time

Frankston 14-5(89)

Coburg 9-8(62)


Final Score

Frankston 20-6(126)

Coburg 14-12(96)

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Oh man, does that taste good! Great game of footy tonight and a fantastic atmosphere. I'm not good at estimating crowd figures, but I haven't seen one that big at Frankston for a long time. I don't know how far we'll go this year, but nobody is gonna walk on the Dolphins with this side. No shame for Coburg, who fought it out right to the finish. Tremendous game to start a season.

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An enjoyable night at Frankston, Good standard of football; the Dolphins were the better side and deserved the 4 points.

 Magnificent lighting; surface in excellent condition, perfect conditions and a good size crowd. The boys on the hill were enthusiastic and well behaved, It was great to be back at the footy amongst the roar of the grass and the smell of the crowd


Last night's was Frankston first round 1 win since 2008. Which was the last year Frankston played finals.