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Night matches at Casey Fields!
Last week's [i]Inside Football [/i]suggested that lighting would be upgraded at Casey fields to 230 lux - enough to cater for night VFL football matches. I'm looking forward to a couple of night matches early in the season while the weather is still warm.
Caseyscorp, is it possible to televise or record these games to a suitable quality?, or do lights need to be a better standard again?
The AFL Venues Minimum Standards prescribe 1200 lux for TV games. Whether it would be the same for non-televised recording I'm not sure, but you would think the technical requirements would be similar.
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Springvale did play a couple of night games at Sringvale over a decade ago. If Casey has the lighting right for next season they will be the fourth current club to have played night matches in the few years. Tassie, North Ballarat and Bendigo this of course doesn not include the matches they had at waverley in 2000 where C7 sport televised them. Interestingly Noble Park had a few matches under lights in the EFL where they got pretty good crowds. For Casey I reckon their best bet would be a Saturday night early in the season when it's not too cold.