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Bullants V Bendigo Practice Match
Northern Bullants 2.5.17 6.8.44 11.12.78 16.15.111 Bendigo 4.1.25 5.333 6.8.44 8.9.57 Goals- [NB] A.Carazzo 5, A.Hickey 2, C.Chambers 2, C.Bryan 2, E.Murray 1, L.Livingston 1, J.Bannister 1, J.Edwards 1, R.Jackson 1. Easy win to the Bullants after sluggish start. Both teams played lots of VFL players and list hopefuls, with the Bullants smattering of experienced AFL players dominating after half-time. Andrew Carazzo was best afield with five goals, four of those after half-time. Newcomer Anthony Hickey showed glimpses of promise as did Ryan Jackson. Not 100% sure but I think no Essendon players were apart of Bendigo's side.