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Make up of teams and comp in 2015 ? 10 questions for you
The comp changes from year to year with alignments, stand alone teams and the make up of the comp will vary. What will it look like in 2015 ? 1. Name your teams for 2015 and what alignments there will be and the standalone teams. 2. Also what would the comp be in 2015- will the sanfl and wafl teams join a national second tier comp ? 3. Will the afl ever have reserves teams ? 4. How many teams will there be overall in 2015 ? 5. Will there be another VFA reincarnated if the reserves were re introduces ? 6. Will there be any new teams from country or metropolitan areas either a current club or new ? 7. Will there be a miracle and one or two of the old VFA teams make a comeback. Don't forget Moorabbin resurfaced after 20 years ? 8. Will Sydney be a success if they join ? 9. Should Sydney reserves team be called South Melbourne ? 10. If the second tier went national should Brisbane reserves be called Fitzroy ? Can you answer all 10 questions with your opinions, hunches, most likely scenarios or wishes for 2015
Let's have a crack; for some questions I'll give an a.) and b.) response, these will refer to What I think will happen, what could very possibly happen (could be harsh), 1. a.) Bendigo - Essendon(may just hang on providing Essendon stay with them) Box Hill - Hawthorn Casey - St. Kilda Coburg - Richmond Bullants - Carlton Sandy - Melbourne Weribee - Bulldongs Frankston Nth Ballarat Port Melbourne Tassie Williamston Geelong Collingwood Kangaroos (if they are not on the gold Coast by then) 1 b.) This is providing there is no return of an AFL reserves comp, which is more than a chance by 2015. (may be harsh to some) Box Hill – hawthorn Casey – St. Kilda (maybe just hanging together by then wouldn’t be surprised if saints field their own!) Coburg – Richmond Northen Blue Bullants – Blues, could just get worse and worse, they may end up wearing a navy blue jumper. Sandy – Melbourne Werribee – would have to do a hell of a job to survive stand alone. Frankston Nth Ballarat Port Melbourne Tassie Williamstown Geelong Collingwood Kangaroos – If they haven’t been pushed tho the Gold Coast. Bulldogs – If they haven’t been pushed to West Sydney!! Essendon – logistics just may not maintain, they seem to get solid crowd numbers playing out of Windy Hill. I do hope, however, Bendigo can stay in. 2a.) Don’t think this will happen, any slight movements in such direction will be stomped on by the AFL, unfortunate, but true, could possibly start to see a return of Australian Championship etc. but nothing consistent and on a regular basis. 3 a.) I think the AFL reserves will definitely come back at some stage in the future, I also think that zoning may just return to the AFL scene with free agents as well. 3 b.) Reserves could come back and effectively kill the VFL, sounds bad but I wouldn’t rule it out in this fragile comp that we’re in, clubs may either go back to Metropolitan or Country leagues, or as we have seen before disappear all together, The more financial clubs will make a bid to play in the SANFL, but as I stated earlier, this idea will be stomped into the ground by the AFL. 4 a.) 14, 16 or possibly even 18. It will be an even number to rid the bye. 4 b.) Port Melbourne, Frankston, Williamstown, Nth Ballarat and hopefully Casey would be in a position to make a 5 team comp and have a final 3. 5 a.) If the right people get it working, there is a possibility, but extremely unlikely, would love to see it happen, we would have to have a lot of money upshow the AFL reserves for credibility. 6 a.) Probably not anymore or at least for a long time due to alignments, stand alone salary cap issues, and also TAC alignments, new clubs would have to provide an u/18 TAC level team, but according to the AFL hierarchy, any increase in TAC teams dilutes the overall talent of the competition. My opinion is that’s a load of bulldust. It just gives more kids an opportunity, and the cream will always rise to the top. Even more so now with the potential to have TAC’s best playing senior footy! 7 a.) For some similar reasons as above, probably not likely for at least a very very long time, it’s a shame I know, but it’s also probably reality. 8 a.) they will feature strongly, but not necessarily dominate every year. It will take time for them to adjust in the first few seasons as well. 9 a.) Would love to see it, won’t happen. They would have to play home games at perhaps Albert Park as well so that it wouldn’t just be a massive ‘token’ thing, I doubt they would want to fly down every week. Cost would be a massive issue, and they would struggle to keep building Sydney support if they couldn’t let it go and represent Sydney. 10 a.) as for reasons above, I don’t think so, however slightly dofferent due to merger, but I don’t think it will happen.
Now this little bit is absoloute dreaming, but with everyones prayers, who knows?? But seriously imagine if some of my wishes for 2015: What would get my juices pumping, but more dreams then possible reality. AFL reserves is revisited and list sizes expanded up to 50 with up to 6 rookies, left overs will enter a VFL draft and be drafted to a club that needs them, All VFL clubs are financially stable and can afford the highest class of player available. Costs become too much for Nth Melbourne and Bulldog in the AFL and they relocate to Gold Coast and West Sydney respectively, maybe 1 more AFL Vic club can fall over too. The AFL reserves comp never takes off and attracts minimal interest. St. Kilda relocate training facilities to Melbourne Grammar or Xavier college etc. Name change from VFL to VFA. This leaves us with: Bendigo Box Hill Casey Coburg Frankston North Ballarat Northern Bullants Port Melbourne Sandy Tassie Werribee Williamstown The VFL then admits: Noble Park Heidelberg Either say an Echuca United or Wodonga team. Prahran Return to the Fold Moorabbin also surface with an unused Moorabbin Oval. Nth Melbourne And Footscray Then Fitzroy become VFL clubs with an anonymous Billionaire buying the Fitzroy licence off Brisbane, and Nth and Footscray faithful putting their heads together to keep some form of club in Vic. Football Supporters finally realise what Footy is all about and support their local VFA club allowing for sustained success for all clubs in a 2 division format where clubs actually care about ladder positions and avoiding wooden spoons, Ex. AFL stars are now once again affordable, and clubs can maintain there lists with the required funds. All clubs field u/19’s and it takes over the current under 18 comp. Each year clubs are able to not only recruit the best from avross the state, but the best across the state want to come and play. Each year the 2 grand finalists will play the following year in an Australian Cup round robin series for pre-season having: 2 VFA Team 2 SANFL 2 WAFL 2 NSW 1 Tassie 1 NT 2 QLD Where 3 rounds are randomly drawn, and the top 2 play off in a final, or something similar.
vfa, what are your 10 responses?