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David Teague playing coach for Bullants in 2008
You guys might be interested in this... ???
Is this a done deal camelboy
Yes. An interesting move for mine, will be interested to get the thoughts from the VFL side of the fence.
I think thats not a bad get. He will be fantastic in my opinioex-Carlton players seem to not have a problem hanging around at the Bullants which obviously speaks volumes for how they were dealt with by Carlton. I reckon it's great to start seeing a return of the Playing Coach to VFL level as well.
He'd want to have a bloody good bench.
Very interesting as to who his assistants will be - the off field apparatus will be especially important for a playing coach. Still, a very interesting move. Good luck to Teague - one of the gutsiest players I have seen.
Sorry crashlander did you say one of the gutsiest players you have seen
Yes - but it does look pretty strange now I've written it. Teague = courage
Teague is definitely fearless, no question about that. I must say I am a bit shocked that Carlton/Bullants have signed off on this appointment. From afar, at least, it seems to have come from way left field. But, clearly, they would have a better handle on Teague's capabilities than I. I hope he goes really well, he'll certainly expect his players to have a red hot go and put their head over the ball. And that's no bad thing at all.
Very surprised by the decision, playing coaches are going out of fashion at local league level, so for it to be happening in the VFL is quite a shock. I'll be very interested to see how it works, and who Teague's right hand man is at the Bullants. No doubt they'll have an assistant who sits upstairs and oversees the game from up there.
Carlton pays the coach, so by appointing David Teague as coach, the Bullants will cut their operating costs somewhat. I'd say Teague will mostly coach the side mid-week and play the role of captain on match day.