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Bullants V Williamstown Practice Match
Northern Bullants 3.1 10.3 14.6 14.9.93 Williamstown 2.4 6.4 9.6 13.11.89 Goals: A.Hartlett 4, L.Morgan 2, A.Gianfanga 1, S.Browne 1, P.Colbert 1, D.Boundy 1, J.Spiteri 1, M.Schields 1, S Jacobs 1, J.Saddington 1. The Bullants used 26 players for the game amde up of 16 VFL-10 AFL. The majority of Carlton listed players played a half or three quarters of the game. To my knowledge Williamstown had only one AFL listed player but they did have an experienced VFL line-up. Very much a new look Bullants side. Local recruits J. Mercuri, S.Browne and L.Morgan all did some nice things.
[quote="Dale61"]Williamstown had 5 Bulldogs listed players. [b]Guy O'Keefe, John Shaw, Callan Ward, Brennan Stack and Paul O'Shea.[/b][/quote] Who?
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[quote="Dolphin"][quote:a767f1f791="Dale61"]Williamstown had 5 Bulldogs listed players. [b]Guy O'Keefe, John Shaw, Callan Ward, Brennan Stack and Paul O'Shea.[/b][/quote] Who?[/quote] Stack and and O'Shea got limited game-time in the match against Essendon on Friday night, and played the Saturday game as well.


Was a bit suprised when I heard the Bullants got up, however, particularly in the VFL early practie games are not a great indicator to the real season. Did most of the 'Gulls top players play?? And did Lappin and Teague play for the bullants?? what did you think, bullants, of Teague's coaching?
Teague and Lappin both played. Teague played the first half and coached from the second half from the box. Lappin played across half-back which looks a good position for him as he can direct traffic. Last year as a player Teague always had alot to say and appeals as being a good coach but still the jury is out as to how this experiment will work. It will be interesting to see what numbers Carlton will want in the coaches box on match day as the Bullants assistants are all graduating from the NFL [formally DVFL]. The other point is that Teague usually gets knocked out in a match at least once or twice a season so there will be times when the assistants will be completely running the show. I'd expect that Josh Vansittart will be appointed captain. His injured at the moment so didn't play last week. Of the top of my head Brett Johnston, Jason Cloke and Callum Urch all played for Williamstown.