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James Byrne
Is James Byrne still captain of the VFL team? Im in adelaide and it is hard to get any information on any other teams other then the budgies and the wharfies. thankyou
No idea yet. Should be clear this week, as most VFL lists will be finalised.
well im not too sure how he went last year, but when i heard he was at Geelong I was very much bemused, confused and amazed. I live in Adelaide and follow Glenelg here in the SANFL, James Byrnes played for us before and after he was on the Crows list where he played a handful of AFL games (a handful too many). We then offered him captaincy and a substantial pay over a 3 year contract. At the end of the first year he left to play at South Fremantle. I was at Fremantle Oval for the WAFL v SANFL match in 2003 where SANFL hammered them and Byrnes got dragged a few times and i had much pleasure in abusing him. The player that got his contract was Brett Backwell won the BOG that day. We have found that Byrnes is a very selfish player and he loves himself. he spits the dummy if things dont go his way. the trademark of Byrnes is that he BOMBS AWAY when he gets possession and turns it over a lot. The word going about is that he wants to win a B&F at every club he plays for. I just hope to god he isnt like this at Geelong otherwaise it will be another long season.
Yes, he is captain of Geelong VFL side this season. We played against him yesterday in a practice match at Skilled Stadium, it was a curtain raiser to the Geelong v Brisbane Lions game.
Yes, you are right in everything you say Dale61. He's still running around for Geelong in the VFL.
[quote="Dale61"]Hasn't he been on Geelong's VFL list for a couple of years now, and has been captain for most of them, if not all. I remember reading an article on him in the VFL Record, outlining how he had played in the SANFL, then went to the WAFL, and was offered the captaincy if he were to take up an offer at Geelong. I'm going back a couple of years now, maybe 2003.[/quote] He's been VFL captain since he arrived. It's Danny Byrne that has left.He's playing for a WAFL team.