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Hope Phil doesn't mind me quoting him.. He wrote a terrific article over at his website: [url][/url] He agrees that Optus might not be the ideal venue: [quote]When the VFA was renamed the VFL it was said to be a great marketing strategy. It's a claim not reflected in attendances at grand finals. On Sunday a miserable 8,000 people travelled to Optus Oval. The crowd - on a beautiful day with no Victorian clubs remaining in the AFL premiership race - did not reflect the quality or passion of the game. The VFL must look for another venue. Optus is not liked by football followers. Nor does it enhance VFL football. In the absence of big marking forwards VFL grand finals on Optus are low scoring affairs dominated by midfield scrambles and the rebound. And while Optus is great for the ABC broadcast - whose TV audience on Sunday exceeded 250,000 - and accommodates the VFL's corporate requirements, there are other considerations. A crowd of 12,000 at Port Melbourne or a similar venue - for example, Coburg once the grandstand is renovated - would enhance the VFL's distinctiveness and help to market it as an alternative to the AFL. Whilst I appreciate the issues faced by CEO Ken Gannon, the VFL simply can't continue to play in front of grand final crowds of 8,000 at Optus.[/quote] Would the (announced) redevelopment of Whitten Oval make it a potential Grand Final venue?


I reckon this is one of the biggest issues facing the VFL in the next decade or so. On the surface , Princes Park SHOULD be the perfect venue in relation to parking , facilities and geography but as onslaugt said , how long can we go on with crowds of under 10,000 at our showpiece game of the year. The main questions we have to ask ourselves are ; Is the venue right ? Is the timing right Is the product other words , are we overating our game ?? Obviously I , like most of you a guess , wouldn't see the last point as being at issue but that shouldn't stop us from at least considering it as a possibility. We probably average about 1,000 people a game during the season ( wild guess here) so perhaps 10 times that IS a fair figure to expect on GF day. If that were to be the case then we can still look at ways of exagerating our crowds on that final day. Personally , I'd prefer to look at issue No2 before making too many changes to No 1. I'm with a few others on this in that I reckon the day AFTER the AFL GF is perfect for our comp. Use the whole AFL promotion as a leg up and get so much more publicity for what could be a real 'carnival' weekend of footy in Melbourne. All your local leagus are well and truly finished - use it as a day to attract many more suburban footballers apart from anything else. Also , find a way to get back to the things that make our comp as attractive as we think it is.......forget the money for a few years ( is this possible ??) , invite kids for free , club members get a discount , get clubs to man food stalls , involve community groups and most of all........LET THE BLOODY PUBLIC ONTO THE GROUND like they are during the year. Lets have a go at some of these issues and see if we can attract larger crowds to PP. If none of this works , then I agree , maybe we do have to look at taking out GF back to a suburban ground even with lesser facilities in order to create the atmosphere so sadly lacking at PP at the moment.
I didn't get the the VFL Grand Foinal as some other obligations had me at the VAFA GF. It was interesting the the crowd at Elsternwick park was about half of what it had been for the previous 4 or 5 that I have been to. One possibility is that Xavs were not playing and there supporters were not ther (?). But it was pretty dissapoointing. The MPNFL Grand Final on the same day also had a smaller crowd than expected. It could be that it was just a bad day all arounfd, or could also be something more concerning overall. Given that the 2nd best competition in the country (VFL) and arguably the 3rd (VAFA) were at about half is a significant concern. Throw in a major local comp being down as well adds to the worry. Will be interesting to have a look at the WAFL & SANFL numbers and see how they go.
Though I was being a bit sarcastic above, there would be some grounds for giving Hobart a VFL grand final even if Tasmania wasn't playing on the basis that the crowd and build-up would be outstanding. Obviously it would be tough on supporters of the competing Victorian clubs and for that reason not genuinely justifiable. With up to a dozen AFL players in the aligned sides Tassie can never make the grand final, so the idea of a grand final in Tassie involving Tassie will never happen, which is a pity. Yes, I know Tassie made a preliminary final this year but that was through the good fortune of playing another non-aligned side in the semi-final. Would Tassie have beaten Coburg or Box Hill in a semi? No. In reality a losing semi-final is the best the non-aligned sides can ever hope for. As to how the VFL can attract bigger crowds - the reality is that everyone views it as an AFL reserves competition and as such it will never be given the respect that the SANFL or WAFL have in their cities. Solution - get rid of the AFL alignments, split Tasmania into two teams (one each from Hobart and Launceston and the local derby would then make the Adelaide AFL showdowns and Perth derbies look like a teddy-bear's picnic), build up the Bendigo/Ballarat rivalry and re-animate the great VFA suburban rivalries.
TimR A Tasmanian speaking sense. Will wonders ever cease!! :lol: :lol: Cheers
these are all great comments and suggestions and I congratulate the crowds that Tasmania got in their finals matches but they SHOULD NOT have gotten the second home final based on getting a better crowd when North Ballarat deserved to host the match due to ladder positioning. I am shocked that not one person has mentioned this but we talk about moving away from the AFL and rebuilding rivalries but we dont mention fairness. If the VFL wants to improve then they need to get serious about putting fairness in front of the almighty dollar sign. I would be fuming if I was a roosters supporter!!!
Absolutely agree Caveman. I had North as a big threat with the impact of the 12/10, and they should not have been sent to Tassie. It cost me $50 as well.
Tasmanian supporters are only interested in one thing, Tasmania. You would be lucky to get more than 8,000 to a Tasmanian GF, with victorian teams in it. I still don't believe thee Tassie Devils are the best thing for football down in Tassie. I like the rest of the posters on this board love local football. Well in Tassie we have no local football, the Tasmanian Players are treated like gods in the media, yet this year 2005, they have been struggling to get crowds of over 2,000. They get so much media, but they are not winning, there certainly are a lot of bandwagoners, that follow tassie. This years AFLST GF (local football) could possibly pull over 8,000 (last years drew 7,000). People still love their local clubs in Tassie i.e. Clarence and Glenorchy in the south and Northern Bombers and Burnie in the North. They will only jump on the Devils when they are winning, otherwise they much prefer to support the local product.