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The Candidates for the Tasmanian Devils
Tasmania are currently looking over applications for a new coach for next years VFL season, they have some impressive candidates that have applied for the position, 2 of which look as if they are out of contention, Paul Hudson is officially out of the race, while Peter German might join the Fremantle Football Club. Paul Williams, Simon Atkins, Robert Shaw, Daryn Cresswell, Chris Bond, Brendon Bolton, and David Newett are some of the names being thrown around as possible coaches for the Tasmanian Devils. David Newett and Brendon Bolton are virtual unknowns when it comes to the world of VFL football, Newett is a former Premiership Captain with the Glenorchy District Football Club, he is originally from Queenstown, he has experience in coaching, he's lead the Glenorchy colts to a grand final, and has lead the Glenorchy seniors to a Grand finals and finals series' in the last 2 years. Whereas Brenton Bolton was a premiership player for the Northern Bombers, and a Premiership Coach with North Hobart, both Bolton and Newett have served under Matthew Armstrong as assistants, as has Danny Ling who lead the Dodges Ferry Sharks this year to the flag in the Regional League. Bolton replaced Armstrong for the last remaining stages of the season, and almost lead them to the finals, they fell short with dramatic loses, which they had to rely on other teams so they may not have made it anyway. The coach is expected to be announced sometime in the next week.
Atkins has already signed with the bees...
I hadn't edited that report I did on it, so I will add him as another one out of the race, also out would be Robert Shaw, though there was no mention if he was indeed interested.