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Thanks for the comments re Dad. It was a hard week down there (got back up here yesterday), and the eulogy at his funeral is the single toughest thing I've ever done in my life...but there were millions at his funeral, and a lot of beer later...he would have been he would have been when 8 of us guys went to the NAB game on Sunday...York Park is awesome - last time I was there, we parked the car on the Eastern boundary fence...! At the wake, I was talking to my cousin (who was on the board that voted for South Launceston's defection to the NTFL), and also to the wife of a prominent AFL Tas employee...the contrast in opinions was amazing...the cousin was quite dirty on the TFL and the backroom business they had to pull to get the team out of the SW League, while the wife was glowing in her praise of Scott Wade and centralisation (they live in Hobart) did resemble the scenario I've described before - sulky Northerners and naive Southerners...! I won't lie, I prefer thrashing these things out, and I wish a footy fan pleb like myself could grab the ear of Wade, Cresswell, Hodgman, the premier, whoever...but it all seems to already be written in stone... As for the Mariners suggestion from BMess, I've thought about expansion to include other Tasmanian footy, but I was thinking more along the lines of Origin, state footy, carnivals, intra state stuff...where does it end! But there's plenty to fill in just on the Devils, and considering the site size limit, what needs to be added, and future season room requirements, I don't think it would be viable - plus the resources are very difficult to find...
Tas Devils lose another player Posted Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:50pm AEDT Tasmania's VFL side has been dealt another blow in the lead-up to the season. One of the side's boon recruits, Alex Gilmour, has decided not to play with the club. The former Richmond-listed player was believed to be in contention for the captaincy. Devils coach, Daryn Cresswell, says he's unwilling to comment on the matter.
What is going on - can understand Derbyshire and Stephens (travel) - Gilmour would not know Not looking great for the Devils - least we won the cricket
Something is very wrong at Devil land. They're really struggling to keep playersl.
Yep. You just have to hope that they get something worked out before the season proper starts.
They have some good news, possible captain?? [b]Hazell's homecoming is set[/b] And he would relish any opportunity to be part of the leadership group at his new club. ``I'm really excited about coming back to Tasmania to play football,'' Hazell said. ``Fitting in with the young guys, being an older head will be great, it's a real challenge for me and something which has got me excited in trying to get the best out of myself this season. ``In regards to the leadership . . . I will be happy to do whatever role I can for the Tassie Devils. ``I'm Tasmanian through and through and if the [captaincy] opportunity did come up then great, but there are other players who could easily fill that spot. That's totally up to Daryn [Cresswell] and the other coaches.'' Hazell will spend time between his home state and Melbourne, with AFL Tasmania keen to build his profile in the community.