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Seniors - Coburg v Box Hill
Coburg Tigers 2.1 6.6 7.9 8.11 (59) Box Hill Hawks 1.4 2.8 5.11 9.14 (68 ) Coburg Tigers Goals: Tuck 2, Dragicevic, Houlihan, Archibald, Foley, Moore, Morrison. Best: Talbot, Houlihan, Kuret, Tuck, O’Connor, Young. Box Hill Hawks Goals: Taylor 3, Alleway, Barker, Harvey, Height, Miller, Pugsley. Best: Rix, Alleway, Osborne, Height, Rudolph, Greene, Taylor, Ball. Whats the story fellas? Two goals to Box Hill in the first half and two goals to Coburg in the second half. Hopefully Rico, matty or GOALden you can fill in a bit about the game.
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anyone who had seen Coburg last week wouldn't have been 100% confident going into yesterdays game. Coburg wanted the ball in the first 1/2. After 1/2 time who knows where they went. Couldn't buy a mark up forward if we wanted to!!! Not the first time of having a non-functioning forward line this season.Box Hill were able to find all their forwards and in the end convert most if not all attempts at goal. In the end Box Hill were the better side on the day. Go burgers in 2005!!
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In the Round 19 Record there is a two page feature on "Close Games". It says "it is hard to fathom but the Coburg Tigers - despite their lofty ladder position - have been dreadful in last quarters". Also a table shows Box Hill as the best last quarter side and Coburg as the worst in the league. It's probably no shock what happened yesterday given the stats over the year. Poor mentally or fitness Tigers?
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Was an amazing game yesterday. I'm gonna be buzzing all week because of it. We were clearly nervous in the first half. Some fumbling, some indecision and a certain S. Tuck had us on the back foot from the get go. The level heads of the AFL-experienced Kris Barlow, Rayden Tallis and Micky Osborne were crucial. Other experienced campaigners for Box Hill in Andy Pugsley and Benny Neagle showed their worth. One of my favorites, Sammy Rudolph had another magnificent game. He reads the play amazingly well. In all honesty, I was far from confident at Half Time, but to our boys credit they stuck at it and clawed out the win yet again. Oh, and the umpires did everything they could to make us lose. :evil: