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This is the 130th year, next year, we can say, "we've had 130 years". Not the 130th season though, lost a few years due to war. Funny, Phil Cleary today made reference to the 130 years in Inside Footy, only after i mentioned it last night. Maybe they're just waiting for the 150 celebrations! (if it gets there). And i know there's not $1 million in Gannons backyard, but a lot of the ideas offered haven't been too costly. It's about smarts, and a little bit cash, but mainly smarts.
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billythekid wrote [quote]so when TV viewers see last sundays game as a showcase [/quote] Apart from the Roosters magnificent win the highlight was at 14 minutes 10 seconds into the last quarter when my mugshot was on the screen. (heh, heh).
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Heard a rumour today the VFL is looking at Telstra Dome or even the MCG for the Grand Final.. Wonder if there's any substance to it??

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[quote="zebraman"]Heard a rumour today the VFL is looking at Telstra Dome or even the MCG for the Grand Final.. Wonder if there's any substance to it??[/quote] Ambition, I like it.
The MCG would have to be as a curtain raiser to an AFL final, and i don't think that's great for the individuality of the comp, and the Dome just stands for everything that's wrong with footy! Need a ground with atmosphere, not a stadium. Would not be happy with the Dome, i hate going there.
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Being a follower of aussie rules in general and without going into endless logistics, How about VFL clubs align themselves in some way with a club(s) in a regional league close to where they are. During the season they could organise a couple of double headers at their grounds, just to generate more support/interest. When it comes to where we are now, say Box Hill had a home final they could organise a double header with say a Vermont in a prelim before hand. Or Frankston on the weekend could of had a double header with some team from the Mornington Peninsula league. A lot of people get to these games and the VFL could do a lot worse than to at least look at something like this. Maybe they could couple up GF day with regional leagues on a rotation basis. Like I said there would be a few things to figure out, But would it be impossible? They have to think outside the square otherwise nothing will change [img][/img]
Now that's an interesting way of thinking. Definately out of the box. The logisitcs of gate reciepts and such could get messy, it could be like when you go to see a band and a pub, you have to tell them which band you've come to see so that band can get your door charge.
Just thinking, this may sound ridiculous, but i've thought it over a bit recently... If Olympic Park is to be re-configured as a footy ground for Collingwood and Melbourne to train on, [i]could[/i] the VFL look at saving some of the infrastructure, ie. main grandstand (including ample media and corporate facilities), lighting and perhaps some terracing, and using it as the home of VFL football? If a footy ground is going to be put there anyway, which is [u]not[/u] a done deal, then surely Olympic Park is too good a stadium to just do away with? The location is prime, the atmosphere is good, although a grassy hill surrounding the rest of the ground would be nice, am i just being ridiculous? I'm sure there's a million problems to this which i haven't even thought of, but the basic gyst is that, [u]if[/u] it goes ahead, Collingwood and Melbourne are going to have Olympic Park configured into a footy oval, there's world class facilities in place, with a bit of re-jigging (and some dosh from the AFL and State Government), you'd at least have to look into it? Stupid? A re-developed Port Melbourne or Punt Road would still be my preference though.
Saw an article in today's Herald Sun which quoted Gannon as saying FV are looking at possbily moving some finals at the MCG and maybe even the grand final. I wonder if anything will come of it.