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Sandy v Bullants Prelim
Sandringham 7.1 11.7 15.10 23.14 (152) Northern Bullants 2.0 4.2 7.8 10.12 (72) BEST: Sandringham: Poyas Liddell Bizzell Nicholson Gallagher Crowe Northern Bullants: Blackwell Houlihan Livingston Russell Chambers Sporn GOALS: Sandringham: Poyas 5 Crowe 4 Sautner 2 Gallagher 2 Dunn 2 Motlop 2 Johnson Ferguson Wheatley Liddell Godfrey Valenti Northern Bullants: Morrell 2 Chambers 2 Sporn Davies Blackwell Teague O'hAilpin Crow Crowd: about 4,000. Really good atmostphere there today. Geez Sandy's good. What about Ezra? In a game featuring 24 AFL players, this guy still stands out. Interesting to see Poyas potting the Richmond coaching staff of a few years ago in Inside Footy this week. Just a sensational player. Rather watch FOOTBALLERs like him than a lot of AFL players.
Yep, Poyas is a great player. But why didn't the Bullants put a hard mark on him? Vansittart was never the player for him. I'd have gone with Jordan Russell and told him never to leave his side.
yeah vansittart was never the player, russell would have done better, or even franchina
Blackwell and Livingstone were the Ants' only winners. Harford was quiet and I reckon Morrell was carrying an injury. Disappointing way to end what has been a great year.