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Unfortunately my collection only goes back to the 1990 GF (& a copy of the 85 Sandy premiership). I've put all these onto DVD as the tapes were starting to really age. I would love to get a copy of any older ones that people are prepared to share or even look at assisting in transfering those to DVD. Cheers E
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Ima vfl man- what vfa tapes have you in your collection ? If there is games that I don't have maybe we can do a few swaps as I have a fair collection. Burner and Big E- any preferences for particular games that would interest yourselves ? Old VFA games are great to look back on. Unfortunately channel 0 deleted and destroyed many games from the early days. Imagine bringing out a video highlights from 1967 to the mid 80s. You could make about 4 or 5 great DVDs including the brawls, great goals, marks, bumps and passion. There is still a bit of footage out there. Not many had videos until the early to mid 80s. Pretty hard to tape of the TV when the videos were rare. Beta and Numatic were used before vhs in the 70s. There would be a few people with old tapes from home videos which would be rare and great to look at. The old 8 mil tapes. Technology has come along way and those old vfa games should be converted to dvd to preserve them.
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vfa, IMA_VFLMAN I'd be interested in any 70's - mid 80's grand finals, but top ones would be 73, 76, 78, 83. I'm also really interested in your 76 &82 2nd Div games vfa cheers Burner
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I'd also be interested in any of the Grand Finals, both 1st & 2nd Division, plus any of the other "must watch" games you might have. It's really enjoyable to go back and watch some of the games I saw as a kid as well as reminising about the exploits of the great players from that era. E