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Will Sandringham be Premiers once again in 2006?
33% (9 votes)
67% (18 votes)
Total votes: 27
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no i dont think they will it will be out of tassie,frankston or bullants i think go dolphs

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Tassie more than likely....can't see Frankston making the finals let alone winning the flag...Bullants a possibility....I really doubt if a stand alone club will ever win a flag the way the competition is structured now

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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Anyone who can't see Frankston making the finals is thoroughly without vision, and should sit in a corner with a full time carer.

No way you should be alowed out on your own!

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With half season nearly gone and Sandringham only loosing 1 match so far it looks like the only real challenge this time must come from Northern Bullants who at this point in time also have only lost 1 match. A lot depends on both teams affiliats injuries but Sandringham seem to have the better home players, Rigoli,Summers,Kreogh,Liddell,Valenti,Poyas,Gallagher,are playing well every match and you cannot leave out top goal kicker Sautner, If they can keep to a bare few injuries they certainly have the finals experience
to go 1,2,and 3 flags in a row in 2006.