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OLD Players association

Found an old players association badge in draw at home of the Port Melbourne football club. It even has a number at the top 72.
It was apparently passed to my dad from his dad Alvin J Coulsell don't know if he actually played or not?
Spose that would put the badge back to the 40s 50s at least.

Any idea and do Port collect and display stuff like this?

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CUB yes Port Melbourne Football Club does display and collect anything historical to the club They have it in the social rooms at the ground.Contact Barry Kidd or Peter Saultry at the club on 96462094 as I am sure they would be interested.
Cheers Bobbyborough

Go Borough!

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I think you have a bit of Borough blood in you CUB.
Possibly Yarraville as well. There was a Coulsell who played for Yarraville in 1929.
You might have to check your family tree.
VFA is in your blood way back in the 20s maybe ???

Might have to research and check some old VFA recorders to see if there was an Alvin Coulsell that did play for Port.
Something to more than rival Hoggy's grandfather playing for Box Hill pre VFA days (before 1951). This was when Box Hill played in the Eastern District Comp.