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Odds updated after Round 11.

North Ballarat 2.50
Williamstown 3.20
Port Melbourne 10.00
Box Hill Hawks 12.00
Sandringham 15.00
Northern Bullants 15.00
Casey Scorpions 15.00
Coburg Tigers 21.00
Collingwood 31.00
Geelong 51.00
Werribee 51.00
Frankston 1,001.00
Bendigo Bombers 2,001.00



Other then the round 1 blowout, Caseys losses have been:
Port by 4 points
Nth Ballarat by 16
Box Hill by 15
Willy by 4 point

Were in control at 3/4 time against willy and box hill, realistcally could have stolen the points from port at home, and could have just had a couple of losses at this stage, each we there is massive improvement and the alliance builds that bit more, even at $15 worth a few bucks, the like of Silvagni, Panozza, Mathews, Wall are now more mature stronger bodied VFL players, i'm looking forward to the second half of the season, becasue i think w're better then 8th


Yes they are looking to be a real threat with their great defence team and the midfield fired up With a possible 2 talls with Newton in the forward line .Getting odds at $34 for the flag is a good bet for me .