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That S reeks of 80's marketing magic.

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I have noticed you have a few old Prahran games on YOUTUBE.
Good work putting those on YOUTUBE. Good memories for the hard nut VFA fans.
I have got most of those Prharan games but one game that is vey obscure is the 1970 VFA GF between Prahran v Williamstown. No one seems to have that game. There is one Prahran game that got televised (not sure which) where pint sized Rod Appleton took an absolute screamer. Probably around 73/73. He was about 5 foot 5 but soared very high. He was an old Blackburn player that had a stint at Fitzroy.
Can you send us a pm on what games that you have.
I have got a decent list of VFA games in my collection.



Must have me confused with somebody else, I haven't got or uploaded any!


[quote=NorthPort]Also VFA, check out this Dragons jumper

1950s Northcote.[/quote]

where abouts did you find this northcote jumper. i've been looking for one of these for ages!!!



My name is Scott Appleton. My dad is the little fella that took that screamer! I would love to try and get that game on video. Any ideas on how to get it?


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Welcome aboard Scott,

Rod Appleton took a hanger in a channel 0 match of the day. One of the best marks ever seen. He of course crossed over to Fitzroy. He played 5 games for the roys and kicked 2 goals in 1975.
A mate of mine Terry Day who is connected with Blackburn knew Rod Appleton from his days at Blackburn. I would love to see that game and the mark again. Not sure who would have it if indeed someone does.

Does your dad have any of Prahran games on tape at all ??
Let us know as if they are in old formats like Beta or vhs I can convert them for you if he does have tapes.

As for that game was in in 1973 or 1974 ? By memory he climbed above some big blokes to take a real screamer.

You would need to contact someone from Prahran. Try Tim Habel and a guy called Tod McKay I think his name is. I have also noticed on YOUTUBE there is quite a bit of footage on Prahran. Worth a look and a message to the guy that posts them to see if he can locate this game as well.

Cheers VFA George