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JJ Liston Trophy

There will be updates of the JJ Liston Trophy count with Mark Stone on the "Evenings with Mark Fine" show.

Also updates on twitter at #Liston.


Matthew Cravino of Williamstown has won the A Todd Medal as best and fairest in the Reserves.

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Congratulations Matt Cravino.



In JJ Liston Count after 8 rounds

Michael Stockdale(Casey) 11 votes is the leader (he does his knee in Rd 12)

Shane Valenti(Port) 9 votes is 2nd


Ed Curnow(BH Hawks) is leader after Round 12 but does not play another game this year.


Top 3 after Round 15

Shane Valenti(Port) 14 votes

Steve Clifton (NthBall) 13 votes

David Swallow (GldCst) 12 votes


Clifton and Valenti 20 each


Shane Valenti and Steve Clifton joint Liston Trophy Winners with 20 votes

Ed Curnow 13 votes

David Swallow 12 votes

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Two worthy equal winners. Similar type players that are hard at the ball.
Well done Shane Valenti and Stephen Clifton. Great effort to both players.

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Congratulations to Shane Valenti & Stephen Clifton on winning the Liston.

Go Borough! Can't wait for 2011

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Congratulations to both players...

Did Shane Valenti slip under the radar this year?...he wasn't mentioned as much as other Port players during the season. Whereas Clifton was mentioned as a favorite for the Liston for a while...

This years draft may seem them both get drafted

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