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Dolphins swim against tide

From Frankston Leader
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"WE were monstered," was coach Simon Goosey's succinct summary of Frankston's heavy loss against Geelong at Skilled Stadium on Saturday.

The Dolphins took on a team loaded with big men - Tom Hawkins, Cameron Mooney, Dawson Simpson and Trent West - and were crunched by 93 points.

At least they avoided a defeat of three figures by outscoring the Cats seven goals to three in the final quarter.

Goosey said while it was another bad loss, Frankston had been caned by injuries 23 players were unavailable on the weekend. But he was heartened by the performance of former St Kilda rookie Khan Haretuku in the forward line.

Haretuku kicked three goals and took a bag of marks. "He's really showed something in the past three weeks," he said. "That's great because he puts in a lot of work."

David Campisano had the big job on top Cat Mooney and never gave it up.

Goosey said his players lacked experience and it was up to the club to recruit some seasoned hands before next season. The Dolphins are home this Sunday to Werribee, which has won its past three games.

Frankston 0. 1, 3.2, 4.3, 11. 3 (69) lt Geelong 5. 4, 14. 7, 21. 17, 24. 18 (162)

Frankston goals: K. Haretuku 3, S. Hockey 2, R. Gabriel 2, L. Clark 2, J. Appleford 2. Best: K. Haretuku, M. Clark, D. Campisano, S. Hockey, M. Collison, M. Baguley

Geelong goals: C. Mooney 5, T. Hawkins 3, S. Hogan 3, T. West 3, J. Schroder 2, J. Simpkin 2, G. Phillips 2, G. Horlin-Smith, G. Burbury, M. Corrigan, J. Cowan. Best: S. Hogan, J. Cowan, J. Simpkin, M. Corrigan, T. West, C. Mooney