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Dolphins on the board

Reported by Simon McEvoy
Full article - Click here

SOME leaked information from the opposition camp inspired Frankston to its first win of the season on Sunday; a rousing 16-point victory over the Coburg Tigers at Kars St.

..Dolphins coach Simon Goosey said he heard before the game that the Tigers didn't rate his side, and he used the "knock" as motivation.

"They probably fired the first shot," he said.

"Their stats guy who was with us all last year mentioned to us before the game that this was their grand final because if they couldn't beat Frankston they didn't deserve to play finals.

"That must have come from the top. They are kidding themselves. The finals get played at the end of the year, not now.

"It was an insult to us. I was a bit taken aback by it."

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Frankston would love to play Coburg every week.
They would be unstoppable.
Amazing how one team has the wood over another.
Frankston thrive against Coburg, where the burgers freeze up against the dolphins.
Coburg won't be the only scalp. Any team that takes the dolphins lightly might be in for a torrid game.