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Gary 'Happy' Hammond

Former Camberwell champion full forward from the 70s and 80s Gary 'Happy' Hammond has his own website and music on you tube.

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I saw Gary Hammond play a few times for Camberwell and he was a bloody good player.

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I followed Camberwell in the Hammond years and saw him play many great games.

I came across a couple of old footy records last week in which he had kicked 12 and 10 goals.

He was a very fair player who got some very brutal treatment (particularly from Ralph of Box Hill and one Alan Harper).

I remember him being knocked out in the goal square one day(Box Hill!)and I flew down to the goal square and screamed at the goal umpire to report the Box Hill player.The umpire said "i've got him, I've got him!". But he didn't!

By the way, I've mellowed since!


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The VFA had many great full forwards in the 70s and 80s.
Northcote had a gun full forward in Bill Chapman.
He had a terrific leap. He wasn't that tall but he could soar over the pack and take a big grab. He played in the 70s.
Happy Hammond has always been interested in music. He use to do the pub scene in the old days.
The old VFA with no wingers and 16 a side could be quite fast footy with quick movement direct to the full forward. There was none of this kicking backwards, sideways, playing zones. Football was more of a man on man duels. Often the full back would give the full forward a good clip behind the ear. Alan Harper, Alf Beus were two of many full backs that loved to give the full forward a torrid time.