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I was paying particular interest to the Port games and some of the voting was way off the mark in terms of better players. In my opinion that is. I won't bore people with lndividual examples but I think the AFL umps get the voting fairly spot on in the Brownlow but the VFL umps don't seem to have as good judgement.
Well done to the 3 winners, very deserving of the award!

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.... you would think the leading goal kicker should by the full forward in the team of the year by default, regardless of who he plays for.


The player who kicked the most goals this season was named at full forward, his tally was discounted because of the 19th man episode.

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The phrase "consolation prize" comes to mind.

The Frosty Miller medal is with Dean Galea, he should be at full forward. End of story.

Go Borough!

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Turn it up blackrocker. Deano won the frosty fair & square no excuses.

He should have been named ff. I think he missed 3 games through injury & still kicked the most in the league.
Taking that into account he would also have a better goal average than the players named.



Congratulations to all three winners. The award to Steve Clifton is a highlight in a disappointing season for the Roosters.


Does this make Stephen Clifton the BEST VFL player in the VFL competition ???

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