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Well it ain't 8c a day now, it's effectively over 50c! And for that much I'd like some VFL!

I think the VFL would find it difficult to find the sponsorship that pays for Ch7 to cover it. A lot easier in WA and SA where the state leagues still have reasonably strong tradition.


How do the country leagues fund things like web feeds? They must have much lower budgets than the VFL?

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How do the country leagues fund things like web feeds? They must have much lower budgets than the VFL?


AFL Sydney Premier Division which as far as I can tell is about on the same level as the VAFA, streams a game live every week which is then availible as a replay on their youtube channel. I would think the buget for this would be quite cheap as the minimum requirements would be a 720p digital capable televsision camera for the video compnent - some basic audio equiment (headset microphone, effects microphone audio mixer) - A laptop computer to tie it all together and an internet connection to upload the stream to which can be as cheap as $10 per week.

Surely if the ABC parts ways with the VFL this system could be implemented (even by the clubs themselves in some cases).

I regulary watch the AFL sydney games replays via youtube on Sunday afternoons when there is no local footy to go to and the AwFuL on free-to-air is crap. The coverage is quite acceptable. As an example, here is a link to last seasons AFL Sydney Rep side vs the VAFA rep side - it was a cracking game of footy that could be downloaded and watched in the comfort of the lounge chair.

Footscray Football Club - Back in the VFL in 2014

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News this week that the WAFL is unlikely to be on Channel 7 or the ABC in 2015.

The perception is that the ABC has been burnt by the WAFC and is unlikely to cover next year and the proposed $1m in sponsorship to make Channel 7 viable doesn't seem to be there ... might have a bit to do with the Eagles/East Perth and Dockers/Peel links which are very unpopular with the general public (apart from EP and Peel supporters of course).

The crowds of 2000+ what have been more common in the past have dropped and are only for major drawcard matches now - the EF-SF derby at East Freo recently couldn't even get 2000 on a nice sunny day - this game would have been a moral to get at least 3000 in previous years.

If Channel 7 falls through the only real options looks to be the WAFC crawling back to the ABC - but one school of thought is that this would only happen if the WAFC foots the bill for broadcasting costs to get the games on air.

Interesting weeks ahead.

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Are the royals and Peel hated by rival WAFL sides ?
I saw a few Royals games at Perth Oval in the early 90s where they had hard core and passionate supporters.
Peel have been a basket case since its inception where it is normally one of the cellar dwellers.

I use to enjoy the state rules on ABC which featured the highlights of the televised VFA/SANFL/WAFL and Tassie games. It was on for a few years in the mid/late 90s.

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The alignments are despised and somehow there is no 12/10 rule in the WAFL - Peel played 17 Dockers listed players recently and over 20 Eagles are finals qualified which has raised the ire of most clubs' fans.

Swan Districts were fined for putting up 'West Coast Eagles' on the scoreboard at Bassendean Oval last year instead of East Perth but the message is clear.

Peel can't be hated as much because they can't even make the finals as an AFL Reserves club!

If East Perth fail to win the flag, most WAFL followers will be mighty relieved.

The Eagles had a three year alignment with East Perth in 2000-2002 before it was ditched due to uproar form the football community - the Royals won all three flags and are very short favourites with this vicious leg up occurring once again.


The fans just need to get over it and enjoy beating the aligned teams!


Not sure exactly what goes on in Perth, but I enjoyed watching Port beat Preston. Matt Kreuzer probably earns more than all the port players put together, didn't help much!

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Apart from 2000-2002, the WAFL has been an exclusively 1st XVIII domain. East Perth and the Eagles were aligned and won all three flags and reduced the interest in the League badly.

The backlash resulted in the alignment not being renewed and everyone (except the WCE) were happy.

In 2012 the WAFC blindsided the WAFL clubs and re-introducing the alignments from 2014 and offered (nowhere near enough) money as a trade-off and stole all the home grown talent from the WAFL clubs. Now we have two Reserves clubs amongst seven 1st XVIII's.

EP and Peel are regularly on TV and front and centre in the press so the League crowds and back on the slide as it is how far EP. The other factor is that there doesn't appear to be a 12/10 rule like the VFL had or has.

The end result is over 20 Eagles have qualified for the finals and if the WCE 1sts down make it in the AFL finals we are going to have a farcical finals series with only one team likely to win (unless they lose it themselves).

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Will the royals be bastardised and called East Perh Eagles or change the legendary jumper ?
Will peel be called Peel Diockers ?
Taht would really infuriate Royal supportersas well as all WAFL followers.
How is the supporters and clubs from all the SANFL teams in regards to the crows reserves side ?