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So in reality, Ch 7 will cover the AFL Reserves comp and not the VFL...Absolutley disgraceful.....They can go and get f****d.

Ron Burger
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To be fair, and at the risk of being slightly political:

1. ABC would still be televising were it not for the "efficiency dividends" the Federal Goverment have imposed.
2. Ch 7 are providing a free to air service which needs to meet its own business case for telecast (i.e. Maximise viewership and sponsor revenue)
3. This will be the first time since the old Army Reserve Cup days of the 1980s that reserve grade AFL teams will be seen on our screens.
4. I agree it would be preferable for more foundation/VFA club games to be televised but the fact is if you want greater viewership for these games full stop, the broadcaster will pick AFL linked double headers first.

Hopefully those televised matches with Port, Willy, Coburg and Frankston involved will get good ratings and there will be a sound business case for
increasing the number of those games televised in 2016.

Frankly, it won't bother me as I will be at every Coburg game supporting the boys at the huddle (as I dare say many other posters will be anyhow)


Selecting TV games for the whole season means that you could be left with some absolute dud games come seasons end.

Why not just give all clubs 1 game then work the TV draw out as they go?



Port and Willy get 2 games each are you joking what a slap in the face Port and Williamstown are the book ends of the comp.

Speaking of Port and Willy each year until the compition is dead there should be a god given rule all Port v Willy clashes are on TV simple as that.


Knock it off Station "Book ends of the comp". Not sure why !!
It certainly not from winning flags.
That's the trouble with your mob thinking you are better than the rest.
It's about time there was a bit of equality in the comp.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Have to agree digs in the last 20 years of the VFA/VFL Sandringham have won 6 flags Springvale /Casey 4 Nth Ballarat 3 Geelong 2 Box Hill 2 and at the bottom of the list are Port and Williamstown with only one each.


Dolphins to play Casey away Round 1
C/Raisers vs Nth blues, footscray and Collingwood
Rd 20 Bye


Dolphins to play Casey away Round 1
C/Raisers vs Nth blues, footscray and Collingwood
Rd 20 Bye

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From Herald Sun of 17 Dec
"...Seven is yet to announce its line up for VFL coverage in 2015, although recently retired players Brad Sewell and Lenny Hayes are seen as ideal fits...."
Looks to me the VFL coverage will the training ground for the AFL commentariat.


TV Games will not be listed when fixture released tomorrow

Expected to be announced late January


Likely TV games for Round 1 to 3

Round 1: Footscray vs Box Hill

Round 2(Anzac Day): Port Melbourne vs Northern Blues

Round 3: Collingwood vs Footscray

Full season of TV games to be announced by end of January,

As I have said before and I still believe Frankston will be the only club to miss out on TV Games.