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Frankston Football Club History

Hi all,
Would anyone be able to tell me info on Frankston before they joined the VFA in 1966.
Going by their web site they were in Mornington Peninsula Football League.
But Frankston Bombers claim the same Premierships as Frankson Dolphins, pre 1966.
Were they the same team at one point?

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Frankston is over 100 years old. When joining the vfa part of the original club stayed in the mpfl and they are the frankston bombers. Frankston original colors were black and red essendon jumpers. When joining the vfa they wore st kilda jumpers.


Thanks vfa :-)


The Frankston Football Club split in two from 1966, with a vote to join the VFA being opposed by some members who decided to continue on in the Mornington Peninsula league. The club was originally formed in 1887.


In 1966 Frankston wore Essendon style jumpers then in 1967 started to wear the stkilda style jumpers with fffc logo like st kilda


This page has a pic of the different jumpers used since then:


If Frankston Bombers are still in existence & the Dolphins started another club wouldn't this mean that they formed in 1966 and the history before that belongs to the Frankston Bombers & not the Dolphins


No, because the club actually split at that time, so the history belongs to both.


Do the Frankston Bombers share this opinion?


You'd have to ask them that, but the Frankston Football Club voted to move to the VFA (and were blocked by the MPFL more than once before they actually made it across) and the Bombers resulted from a group of members who disagreed with the move, so they certainly don't have dibs on the history. If anyone is a new club from 1966 it is the Bombers, but I think the Dolphins and Bombers are really two forks branching off the same road.


Frankston Bombers

Formed in 1887, Frankston engaged primarily in social and scratch matches for a couple of decades before becoming a foundation member in 1908 of the Peninsula Football Association. The club enjoyed considerable success in this competition, qualifying for a total of eight grand finals and winning five of them over the course of some two decades of involvement. During the late 1920s and in 1930 Frankston participated in the Peninsula and District Football Association, winning a premiership in 1929 and finishing runner-up the following year.

In 1934 the PFA and the PDFA merged to form the Mornington Peninsula Football League and Frankston was among the founder members of this competition. Between 1937 and 1939 the club managed to win a hat trick of flags for the only time in its history, accounting for Mornington Somerville by 5 points, Navy by 99 points, and Mornington by 56 points in the grand finals.

Frankston continued as a force after world war two, contesting eight consecutive grand finals between 1946 and 1953, and emerging victorious from those of 1949 against Mornington and 1952 against Seaford. This comparatively poor record in grand finals was compounded by further losses in 1955, 1957 and 1958.

The Bombers’ sixth and final MPFL flag arrived in 1961 after a 12.15 (87) to 9.14 (68) grand final triumph over Carrum, and their last grand final appearance came two years later when they went down by the narrowest of margins to Chelsea.

Since commencing in the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League in 1987 the club’s achievements have been modest, with a victorious division two grand final against Rosebud in 1991 the highlight. The Bombers have also contested losing grand finals on three occasions. In 2008 the seniors comfortably qualified for the finals in second place with a 13-3 record but then under performed badly in losing both the qualifying final and the preliminary final to Dromana. The reserves meanwhile also found the Tigers an insurmountable hurdle, going down to them by 13 points in the premiership decider.
John Devaney - Full Points Publications

No word of a split in the Frankston Bombers 129 year history. I think the Frankston Bombers have every right to there own history & not the Dolphins at all.