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I'm pretty sure the Frankston Football Club, that was established in 1887, obtained an official clearance from the MPFL and moved to the VFA in 1966, retaining their home base at Frankston Park.

There were some members who strongly disagreed with that decision however, and decided to enter a team in the local competition, finding a new home base to play from.

So the pre-1966 history belongs to both clubs, and then they have gone their separate ways to create new history, although both have largely struggled in that regard since!

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I would say both clubs can say they have been around for over 100 years. Frankston is the main body of the club and as Paul says the Frankston Bombers are an off shoot of the original club. As for history the dolphins can say they were formed in 1887 and joined the VFA in 1966. The Bombers can say they were part of the original club but formed a breakaway club ? Still the topic brings up plenty of debate. In the English soccer Wimbledon moved to a new area and called themselves MK Dons. Some of the originals from Wimbledon were disgusted and set up a club from the old one called it naturally Wimbledon. The two clubs despise each other. Not quite the same as the Frankston scenario but very interesting just the same.