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Winless last season, Frankston is 2-3 and out on the top eight only on percentage

From Frankston Standard Leader
Reported by Simon McEvoy
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FRANKSTON has got that winning feeling.

For the second time in three weeks, the Dolphins have pulled off a stirring victory after coming from behind to beat Coburg by five points in the wet Frankston Park on Sunday.

Frankston forward Nathan Gardiner’s goal from 53 metres out in the last quarter was the match winner.

It put the Dolphins in front with 10 minutes to go. Coburg spent the last five minutes attacking but Frankston would not be denied.

Frankston kicked the only two goals of the last quarter. Gardiner’s goal came after Jayden Cass booted the first, from a free kick, to cut Coburg’s lead to a point.

A small but vocal Mother’s Day crowd gave the Dolphins a great ovation as they headed into the rooms. Dolphin dynamo Jordan Pollard led the players off; a great way to celebrate his 50th VFL game.

Frankston coach Patrick Hill said his players’ will to win got them over the line.

“It was testament to our fighting spirit,’’ he said.

“We weren’t great today. I think if you spoke to Germo (Coburg coach Peter German), he’d say the same about his troops. It wasn’t the best standard but it was tough and hard and that’s what you expect when you play Coburg.

“They guys were able to show some resolve in the second half to get the four points.’’

Coburg got 19 points ahead in the second quarter.

Frankston, though, surged back in the third term. Strong forward Josh Bennett took a big mark and converted to start the revival and young Sam Pickess was mobbed by teammates after booting a goal.

There was confusion when the three quarter-time siren sounded but only a few heard it. Umpires eventually halted play.

Hill found it difficult to nominate best players. “To be honest, mate, I wouldn’t have a clue,’’ he said. “It was a pretty good team effort.’’

The Dolphins listed Michael Sikora, Ryan Exon, Sam Pickess, Andrew McInnes, Kyle Gray and Pollard as their best.

Ruckman Sikora was superb. The big man does the little things so well. He flew the flag early when one of his teammates was roughed up and was regularly spotted shepherding and clearing a path for his ball users.

Frankston’s win over Richmond a fortnight ago snapped a 24-game, 636-day winning drought. Now the Dolphins are on a roll.

“Losing is habitual and so is winning,’’ Hill said.

Frankston is now a respectable 2-3, out of the eight only on percentage.

Frankston 2.5 3.7 6.10 8.13 (61)

Coburg 0.6 6.8 7.8 7.14 (56)


Frankston: Gardiner 3, Bennett 2, Cass 2, Pickess

Coburg: Tarczon 2, Cauchi, McEvoy, Younan, Featherstone, Kovacevic


Frankston: Sikora Exon Pickess McInnes Gray Pollard

Coburg: Lehmann Tarczon Johns Uysal Goodwin Iacobaccio

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Can frankston do a Leicester city ? Lol

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Friday frankston 1001/1 Sportsbet for flag
Monday 200/1

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Might need a Leicester fan to throw a few bucks. When does frankston play carlton seconds ? Could be another win especially if at home.

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I think they have Geelong at home then the Blues at Princes Park, which is a huge opportunity to end their own road blues! It's great to see the boys getting some reward for effort, they'll be full of confidence now and a handful for any team on a wet day because they compete hard.

Frankston has seven games against Coburg, Richmond, North Ballarat and the Blues, which are all very winnable and so far they're two-for-two. Four of those last five are away though, so that will be a good test of how far they've come.

I like what GM Brett Angwin has done with the list, they managed to keep probably 15 or 16 of the best 22 from last year and added another nine or 10 recruits ranging from solid to very good (Sikora). Most of those recruits range from early to late 20s, adding maturity to the side which can be seen in their ability to compete for longer compared to last season.

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I believe there is still plenty of improvement to come this year. James Wilsen is their best defender and he has only played one game this year (v Coburg) and was pretty 'rusty'. They need him badly and will be a huge asset when he gets a few games under the belt. Kalem Post will also be a good 'in'. He will be a great back up for Sikora so they will have two class ruckmen and as he is so mobile he virtually plays as an extra mid fielder. McInnes has has a slow start but is getting better every game, and Josh Newman was out of the side who beat Coburg.
Plenty of upside for the Dolphs. If they can keep up the form of the last 3 weeks they may even knock of one of the better sides.

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Geelong would be a good scalp even at home. The dolphins have struggled against Geelong in recent years. The cats are reasonable side but definitely not in the top bracket this year. Winning chance for sure which would also give them plenty of confidence for the following week if they happened to beat Geelong.

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Yep, really looking forward to the next two games. They've have shown they're more than competitive with bottom five teams at Frankston Park, Geelong look like a solid middle-of-the-road team, so if the Dolphs can win that or come really close it will be a good sign.

I like the fact it's Geelong having to make the trip around the bay for an 11.40am game, it always seemed like Frankston had to make that trip the other way for an early start!

The game after that at Princes Park against the Blues will also tell a tale. The road has been pretty brutal over the past year and a bit, but this is a good chance to get some confidence away from home against a struggling side.