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Very difficult to see Coburg winning a flag under the current model, but I don't think that has anything to do with engaging new fans. Their club does a good job of connecting with the local area and selling themselves as  a part of the community off the field and being competitive on it.

To me, those two things are much more important to sustainability than contending for premierships, which often involves spending money at an unsustainable level. If you build very well, like Frankston under Brett Lovett, you can give yourselves a sniff of a flag, but it's always a long shot.

I think this cuts to the crux of why Sandringham has stayed with St Kilda. They decided they'd prefer to have a chance of winning a premiership, even with a side of mostly Saints players, than to be their own entity with a very small player budget winning 4-8 games per year.


That is just a copout and ego trip by the past their use by date board at Sandringham

It wouldnt be SFC that wins a seconds premiership but St Kilda reserves.

Oh and BTW if people think the crowds at BRO have dropped alarmingly over the past couple of years wait till the merger happens and the rest of the Sandy supporters that have hung in there thinking the club would have the balls to go it alone will also disappear

You only have to look at the former powerhouse club Preaton to see how this will play out

You lie down with Lions and you eventually get eaten.

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well billy you could always form your own ticket and challenge the current board at the next AGM !


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The first Sandringham jumper provides a great away jumper. The design is very much in St.Kilda style. Using this jumper will allow the Zebras to appear seperate from the Saints, which will keep current Zebra fans happy and keep the non-St.Kilda fans part of the hird. 


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