Reported by Paul Amy
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IT was the grand final rematch and a mismatch, too.

On a cold and wet day at North Port Oval on Saturday, Port Melbourne gained its 28th consecutive victory when it flattened its great rival Williamstown by 80 points.

The conditions called for a no-frills brand of football and Port, stronger and harder, adapted superbly. It tackled relentlessly, and found value in smothers, shepherds and quick kicks.

The confidence that comes from its winning streak was apparent in the way the Boroughs backed themselves to win the ball around packs with skill and will, and ran forward in numbers.

It was almost a replica of last season's Round 7 clash, when the Borough beat Willy by 51 points.

No wonder Williamstown coach Peter German said Port was "far and above" the best team in the league.

"They're a really good side. They're well-drilled and they know what they're about," he said.

"I think it speaks volumes of what a stand-alone club can do when they have the same players each week, training together since November, what they can do structurally."

"They know each other's strengths in and out."

The young Seagulls took decent form into the match, but for a good part of the day it was men against boys.

"We jumped them with our intensity and we jumped them our contested ball and our work rate I thought in the first half was first-class," Port coach Gary Ayres said.

Willy had to wait until early in the second quarter for its first score, a point from Zeph Skinner.

Their first goal came soon after when Tory Dickson was paid a 50m penalty against Shane Valenti.

By that stage Port had six, two of them from Billy Burstin, who went on to a bag of five.

Adding consistency to his class, Burstin has become one of the most exciting players in the VFL.

His marking, mobility and sure left boot mark him out as an AFL prospect.

"We've been waiting probably two years for this," Ayres said.

"I think Billy's matured. I think Billy's understanding he can be a good player at this level."

Heath O'Farrell, another sharp improver, also slotted two goals in the first quarter and finished with 21 disposals.

Premiership defender Steve Brewer, coming in for his first senior game this season at the expense of young Jake Dermott, topped the possession count with 31, followed by Sam Dwyer (30), Valenti (27) and Sam Pleming (24).

With Port 46 points to the good a half time, one player exhorted his teammates to "bury 'em, boys" .

They did, finishing with three goals to none in the last quarter.

There was a gusto about them after the match as they gave an ear-splitting rendition of the club song for the ABC TV cameras.

Ayres said his team had "a hunger for wanting to be better" and players who didn't feature in last year's premiership, including Adrian Bonaddio, O'Farrell, Marc and Clay Johnston, Tommy Langford, were determined to leave their mark.

Port Melbourne 5.4 8.8 12.13 15.15 (105) d Williamstown 0.0 1.4 3.4 3.7 (25)

Port Melbourne goals: Burstin 5 Galea 3 O'Farrell 2 Cain 2 Pitt Wooffindin Skipper.

Best: Burstin Valenti Dwyer O'Farrell Williams Wooffindin

Williamstown goals: Dickson 3.

Best: Dickson Wall Roberts Lockwood Campbell Witkowski