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The 2005 Good, Bad & Ugly
With four rounds to go, what do you think...who has been good in 2005, who has been bad, and who has been dead set ugly? Go for your life - players, coaches, teams...pretty general thread. GOOD * Ian Callinan, could he win a JJ Liston? * The Northern Bullants, what a shock they are top of the ladder. * The return of footy to Newcomen Rd and the excitement in the air about the move to Casey. BAD * Williamstown...can anybody read anything into their form this season? Wins over Werribee and Bendigo(x2) but struggle to beat rubbish sides. * Bendigo getting a home the QEO on a Friday night! UGLY * The Northern Bullants disappearing act on the ABC coverage, and Ross Booth's whinge about it! * The Coburg Tigers, call it quits fellas, pack up and move to Sunbury.
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