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2010 - Round 10. Bombers vs. North Ballarat

Sunday 20th June
Windy Hill at 2:00 PM


B Flaherty Cloke Long
HB Hardingham Slattery J. Williams
C Houli Quinn Dempsey
HF Myers Carlisle Howlett
F M. Williams Neagle Colyer
R Bock Silverlock Marigliani
Int Reimers Dyson Crameri
  Still Shinners Skipworth
  Duscher Liddle

North Ballarat

B Sharkey Moloney Greig
HB Richardson Tyler White
C Urquhart Feery Harding
HF W. Benjamin A. Edwards Norris
F C. Jones Hale Dinnell
R Conroy Clifton Sewell
Int Couch N. Peters D. Jones*
  Driscoll Tate Orvis
  Micallef Bell McKenzie

Forecast for Sunday

Cloudy. Isolated showers until evening. Winds west to southwesterly averaging up to 20 km/h becoming light later in the evening.

City: Shower or two.
Min 11
Max 15

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