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2010 Round 16 Preview

Here is the preview for Round 16

Bendigo Bombers(8-7 8th) vs Collingwood(9-6 6th) at Tannery Lane Oval,Strathfieldsaye 12pm
Last time they met: Round 3 2010 at Victoria Park. Bendigo Bombers 14-14(98) def Collingwood 9-14(68).
Bendigo had a great win over Williamstown and will make their 1st finals series since 2007 with a win in this game. Collingwood stumbled in the last quarter against the Borough making this a must win game to stay in touch with the top 4. This will be a close game but Bendigo to win.
Total Quarters Won: Bendigo 31-28-1(7th) Coll 33-24-3(3rd)
1st Quarter: Bendigo 7-7-1(6th) Coll 9-4-2(2nd)
1st Quarter: Bendigo 8-7(4th) Coll 8-7(5th)
1st Quarter: Bendigo 8-7(8th) Coll 9-6(7th)
1st Quarter: Bendigo 8-7(7th) Coll 7-7-1(8th)
My Tip: Bendigo Bombers by 7pts

Casey Scorpions(11-4 3rd) vs Gold Coast(4-10-1 13th) at Casey Fields 12:10pm(ABC1TV 1 Hr Delay)
(Reserves Game Casey Scorpions vs Box Hill Hawks starts at 3pm)
Last time they met: Round 4 2010 at Southport. Casey Scorpions 10-17(77) def Gold Coast 10-9(69).
Gold Coast make their 2nd straight back to Melbourne after losing to Geelong in a tight match last week. Casey fell away in the 2nd half against the Hawks last week. Casey need to get back on track to sure up their spot in the top 4 and give themselves an outside chance of getting into the top 2. Casey to win at home.
Total Quarters Won: Casey 30-28-2(8th) Gld Cst 22-36-2(12th)
1st Quarter: Casey 6-8-1(12th) Gld Cst 7-8(9th)
1st Quarter: Casey 9-6(2nd) Gld Cst 4-11(14th)
1st Quarter: Casey 9-6(6th) Gld Cst 6-8-1(10th)
1st Quarter: Casey 6-8-1(11th) Gld Cst 5-9-1(12th)
My Tip: Casey Scorpions by 33pts

Werribee(4-10-1 12th) vs Williamstown(12-3 1st) at Avalon Airport Oval,Werribee 7pm
(Reserves curtain raiser starts at 3:50pm)
Last time they met: Round 5 2010 at Williamstown. Williamstown 20-12(132) def Werribee 16-10(106).
Werribee had a great win over the Roosters while Williamstown had a shock loss at home to Bendigo. There should be a good crowd at Werribee on Saturday Night. Williamstown need to get back on the winners list to maintain their hold on top spot while Werribee are looking to continue their good late season form. Willy to win.
Total Quarters Won: Werr 20-38-2(13th) Will 41-19(1st)
1st Quarter: Werr 6-8-1(12th) Will 9-6(5th)
1st Quarter: Werr 6-9(12th) Will 13-2(1st)
1st Quarter: Werr 5-10(12th) Will 7-8(9th)
1st Quarter: Werr 3-11-1(13th) Will 12-3(1st)
My Tip: Williamstown by 17pts

Box Hill Hawks(9-6 5th) vs Geelong(5-10 11th) at Box Hill 2pm(3WBC)
Last time they met: Round 2 2010 at Skilled Stadium. Box Hill Hawks 15-15(105) def Geelong 10-14(74).
Box Hill had a good win against Casey and now a chance of getting into the top 4. Geelong had a tight win over the Gold Coast. Box Hill should win this one comfortably and keep theor top 4 hopes alive.
Total Quarters Won: BHH 34-26(5th) Geel 28-32(10th)
1st Quarter: BHH 10-5(1st) Geel 7-8(10th)
1st Quarter: BHH 6-9(11th) Geel 8-7(7th)
1st Quarter: BHH 9-6(4th) Geel 5-10(13th)
1st Quarter: BHH 9-6(4th) Geel 8-7(6th)
My Tip: Box Hill Hawks by 33pts

North Ballarat(12-3 2nd) vs Coburg Tigers(5-10 10th) at Eureka Stadium 2pm
(Reserves curtain raiser starts at 11am)
Last time they met: Round 1 2010 at Coburg. North Ballarat 12-13(85) def Coburg Tigers 11-9(75).
North Ballarat were beaten by Werribee while 7 goals from Nick Carnell was the reason the Tigers snuck past the Dolphins at home. The Roosters are back on home soil needing a win to stay in the top 2 and give themselves a chance at the minor premiership. North Ballarat should win comfortably.
Total Quarters Won: Nth Ball 37-22-1(2nd) Coburg 27-32-1(11th)
1st Quarter: Nth Ball 9-6(4th) Coburg 6-9(13th)
1st Quarter: Nth Ball 7-8(9th) Coburg 9-6(3rd)
1st Quarter: Nth Ball 9-5-1(2nd) Coburg 5-9-1(11th)
1st Quarter: Nth Ball 12-3(2nd) Coburg 7-8(9th)
My Tip: North Ballarat by 33pts

Frankston(1-14 14th) vs Northern Bullants(8-7 7th) at Frankston 2pm
(Reserves curtain raiser starts at 11am)
Last time they met: Round 4 2010 at Visy Park. Northern Bullants 24-17(161) def Frankston 8-7(55).
Frankston have been improving of late but stumbled against Coburg last week. The Bullants scored the lowest score of the season in their loss to Sandy in very tough conditions. A win for the Bullants will sure up their top 8 spot keep them in the hunt to finish either 5th or 6th and maybe a home final. The Bullants should win this one but it will be a lot closer than their match in Round 4.
Total Quarters Won: Fston 17-43(14th) Nth Bull 33-25-2(6th)
1st Quarter: Fston 4-11(14th) Nth Bull 9-5-1(3rd)
1st Quarter: Fston 7-8(10th) Nth Bull 7-8(8th)
1st Quarter: Fston 4-11(14th) Nth Bull 9-5-1(3rd)
1st Quarter: Fston 2-13(14th) Nth Bull 8-7(5th)
My Tip: Northern Bullants by 21pts

Sandringham(6-9 9th) vs Port Melbourne(10-5 4th) at Trevor Barker Oval,Sandringham 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser starts at 11am)
Last time they met: Round 5 2010 at TEAC Oval. Port Melbourne 25-12(162) def Sandringham 10-10(70).
Sandy kept their slim finals hopes alive with a great win over the Bullants while the Borough moved into the top 4 with a good win over the Pies. This is a huge game with Sandy in another must win game to keep their finals hope alive while the Borough need a win here to stay in the top 4. This should be a classic.
Total Quarters Won: Sand 28-32(9th) Pt Melb 34-26(4th)
1st Quarter: Sand 7-8(7th) Pt Melb 7-8(8th)
1st Quarter: Sand 5-10(13th) Pt Melb 8-7(6th)
1st Quarter: Sand 9-6(4th) Pt Melb 10-5(1st)
1st Quarter: Sand 7-8(10th) Pt Melb 9-6(3rd)
My Tip: Port Melbourne by 4pts

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