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2013 - R7 - Port Melbourne v Coburg.

Had to leave the game at 1/4 time due to work, but have now watched the game in full.

As John Baird said in the post match, we still have plenty of improvement to come at Port.

Tom Gordon is looking better and better. The TV coverage highlighted his good decision making and disposal skills. It will make for some tough calls at the selection table when some of the bigger names who have played in the reserves come back into form.

I think perhaps Pinwill and Valenti may play another game in the reserves, as they probably only played 3/4 of the game on Saturday morning. Danny Hughes could be the one that comes back into the side. I thought his attack on the footy was really good and he presented well up forward, particularly early in the game. I thought Josh Muling was good too.

It should also be said that Coburg have plenty to look forward to next year, if the performances of their kids at reserves level is something to go by. Port's side was stacked with experience, and Coburg were more than up for the challenge.